Sink hole appear on swimming pool floor, what causes this? Long island

The crew was at the house yesterday to fix the depression. They starting filling the pool and the water are now at the level where they put the tape. I shut off the water. Is there anything further that I need to do or will the crew be back to take a look? Let me know. Thanks.
This problem was caused by a cesspool build at the same time as the swimming pool. And as the ground around the new concrete ring settled it also made one section of the pool bottom settle creating a depression in the lower side sloped area of the swimming pool bottom.
We waited a while for the ground to settle before we went and drained the swimming pool removed the liner and fixed the depression. It is very common for sink hole or depressions to appear on the bottom of the swimming pool. We at Gappsi take pride of our work and we do whatever it takes to take care of unforeseen problems that evolve from constructing a back yard. For more information about our services please visit us at

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