liner replacement and swimming pool closing long island

Hey Kevin,
Your guys did a liner replacement and pool closing at my house. They finished a little over a week ago. I went back to there look and noticed that the pool water level is to the very top of the pool since the entire loop loc cover is wet. I’m not sure how the guys would have even been able to blow out the pipes with this water level and I am definitely concerned. Either way, it’s my understanding that the water level should be left below the skimmers, so I am asking that your guys come back and pummp out the water to below the skimmers. Is there any way for you to confirm that the pipes were blown out. Finally, the guys just left my filter in the back. Every time I had the pool closed the company opens the filter up, cleans out the screens inside and puts in the shed. Please get back to me so we can get this resolved. Thanks.

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