Advantages of Concrete Wall Pools

There are primarily two different types of pool walls available, either vinyl siding constructed using steel, and more traditional concrete pool walls, called gunite. The main benefit of steel walls has always been that it is usually less expensive. While steel walls have improved a lot over the years, there are still a number of benefits to concrete wall pools.

  • Most pool installers have a list of pool shapes offered, however with concrete walls you can design your pool basically however you like. This is especially beneficial if you are working with a designer, it gives them complete freedom on how to design the pool.
  • Just as the general shape of your pool can be customized, concrete walls allow more customization of the steps. Usually your steps will be concrete anyway, this gives you more options.
  • In addition to having more options with your pool stairs, if you would like to incorporate other things like waterfalls, if you would like an area of your wall higher, or connected with a Jacuzzi than concrete walls make it much simpler. Many of these design options may not be possible with other wall designs.
  • With concrete walls tile is used on the inside of the pool along the top of the pool. This allows you a lot more freedom in your design because there are countless different tiles available for this.
  • Many believe that a salt water pool is superior to the more traditional pools where the chlorine is added in because they are easier to maintain. Since salt water erodes steel more quickly, a concrete wall is recommended for salt water pools.
  • Finally if you want a vanishing edge and you property allows for this, than a concrete wall will make it much simpler to work in during the design and installation process.

While concrete is generally considered superior, there are a few instances where a vinyl siding may be beneficial. Mainly if you want to save money it is a good idea to go with steel walls. There are some who claim that steel will not last as long, meaning concrete will save money over time, and it is true that steel will erode quicker than concrete, many with vinyl siding report it lasting a decade or more however. If you are on a tight budget and are not interested in a lot of extra design features steel siding might be the right choice. Some companies can build custom concrete walls for not much more than what it would cost for steel siding, so it is a good idea to shop around before making a decision.
When installing a pool keep factors like ease of access, the amount of maintenance required and how much room it is going to occupy in your yard. Remember, once you start digging it is hard to turn back. Hiring a landscaper to help you plan these different aspects is often a smart choice, and may even save you from making costly mistakes. Click here to view some of our past work with Custom Concrete Wall Pools on Long Island.

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