what helps a sloped driveway to make safer in snow ice?

Long Island’s North shore has many rolling hills and elevation changes; it is part of the landscape and aura that attracts home buyers. It also leaves a challenging project for new home buyers on how to properly incorporate a functional and stylish driveway due to steep inclines and downward slopes. Here at Gappsi we take into consideration all aspects of design into giving our customers a driveway that will lead them to their homes in the most elegant and efficient way possible. With proper slope and leveling you won’t have to worry about icy slippery descents, and proper landscape will integrate hardscape into landscape. Adding small curves may take up extra space in the front but will also add curb appeal and added length to soften the driveway slope, inhibiting bottoming out near the street. Standard driveway widths should be 10-12 feet in straight runs and 14-16 on curved areas. With Gappsi Design team behind you, any and all driveways will become a complimentary addition to any home. Gappsi can design, supply and install your entire project. To learn more about Gappsi products and services for Nassau and Suffolk county long island NY . Please contact the long island driveways installer company or mail us at [email protected] or call Gappsi at 631-543-1177 or visit Gappsi Show Room at 1015 west Jericho turn pike Smithtown NY 11787 or visit us on line at : www.gappsi.com

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