Get the Great Long Island Garden or Backyard Ornaments You’ve Always Wanted

There are all kinds of garden ornaments, from those used strictly for show like statues, gnomes, etc, to those that serve a purpose like potting plants, fountains (for the birds) bird feeders, and much more. There are a ton of ornaments available in many different styles and the sort of ornaments you want really only depend on personal taste and the style of your lawn, garden, backyard or what have you.
Common types of backyard, garden or lawn ornaments
There are a lot of them, and you can even make up your own, but here are some of the more common backyard ornaments:
• Bird baths
• Bird feeders
• Garden gnome
• Lawn jockey
• Human statues – ranging from David replicas, beautiful women and more
• Other statues – animals, mythical creatures, etc.
• Yard globe – It’s a globe, sometimes depicting the earth other times reflective, usually around 16”
• Whirligig – an odd statue, usually animal, with at leas one whirling or moving part
• Lighthouses
Why do I need backyard ornaments?
The simple answer is that you really don’t. Ornaments however can add a real sense of style and class to your home, and individualize you living space. You can create a design that is relaxing, exciting, and unique or whatever you like. Generally ornaments will not add value to a home, unless they are permanent pieces and very classy and appealing for a large audience. However, the value of good ornaments should not be overlooked, especially if you enjoy your backyard or garden and want it to look your best.
How much do great garden ornaments usually cost?
Prices vary according to the type of ornament you choose, the materials it is made of, size, shape, etc. You can even decorate your garden or backyard for free with recycled materials. Most however are not so blessed in the crafts as to design their own backyard ornament, and that is fine. There are many local antique shops, ornament shops and home improvement stores that can provide all types of outdoor ornaments at nearly any budget.
Can I find help choosing outdoor or backyard ornaments?
Yep. Home improvement contractors and professional designers have an amazing eye for style, and can even incorporate their strong sense of style when it comes to your backyard, with your own personal preferences. They can suggest excellent and stylish items while still allowing you to maintain a sense of self in the design of your backyard. In fact many designers and contractors will recommend specific decorations in the installation or design of other aspects of your yard or garden.
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