What You Should Know About Pergolas on Long Island

Pergolas are an incredibly popular addition to homes all over the United States, specifically where weather like extensive heat, rain or wind may ruin and outdoor, backyard experience, but really anywhere people enjoy spending time either relaxing or with company in their backyard or garden.
A pergola is basically any free standing structure offering cover to an area of a backyard, or a structure connecting to one of the walls of a home providing shelter on the porch or in a patio area.
The type of materials used in the installation of a pergola is varied, and nearly anything may be used. Some of the more popular options included pressure treated lumber that can really stand up to the weather and environment and remain looking beautiful, cured, treated and painted cedar and other beautiful woods, steal or metal columns with different types of covering or roofs, plastic, concrete and much more. Really the options are as varied as your imagination, and designers and contractors can probably give you a host of new and unique ideas.
Along with custom pergolas, most home improvement contractors have a number of stock models you may have installed. In some instances you may even be able to install a pergola yourself with some simple directions and a list of needed materials and tools.
What are the advantages of a pergola?
The most obvious advantage of course is a measure of shelter while outdoors, but not so much that you cannot still enjoy a beautiful day. It is great for keeping the sun off while you lounge in your favorite lawn chair, protecting plants that need a bit more shade, cooking outdoors even in the rain, hosting parties and more.
Another advantage is that installing a pergola almost universally will increase the value of your home! Your backyard or garden is a major factor for consideration when your home is being priced. Additions to your backyard can often increase the value of your home, in some cases to even more than what you actually spent having a pergola installed.
Who should I hire to install my pergola?
Whenever you are making additions to your backyard or home it is absolutely essential that you only hire a professional. Home improvement contractors and designers will have experience with all types of backyards, and will be able to help you choose and than install the right kind of pergola that will look great in your backyard, that will be efficient and useful when you have friends and family over, and of course one that will last.
Quality is an essential factor whenever you are having work done on your home or in your backyard, and you want to be sure your pergola can stand up to the elements and that it will last. To save time and money make sure you only hire a professional if you are considering installing a pergola.
What will it cost?
As with all work on the home, prices vary depending on your vision, materials and the contractor hired. Be sure to compare prices and to only hire a reputable contractor.
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