Should I Get a Pondless Waterfall for My Long Island Home?

How is a pondless waterfall possible? One of the many cool things about a pondless waterfall is that it does not need a standing or flowing body of water in order to work. It’s not a miracle, but the clever use of a pump and an underground reservoir. There actually is a pond, but it is hidden underground where you don’t have to worry about the hassle of keeping a body of water clean, and you do not need a lot of extra room for a pond or other body of water taking up most of your lawn.
Pondless Waterfalls in Action
The process for a pondless waterfall, while it may look miraculous in some instances, is really very simple. A hole is created wherever the waterfall is to be placed, and this is lined with gravel and concrete in order to hold water so that it does not escape underground. This has the added benefit of ensuring the water evaporates at a much slower rate meaning even in desert areas you’ll rarely need to add water. This underground reservoir also allows for overflow, so you don’t need to worry about heavy rains in any way affecting your waterfall. Next the reservoir is covered with a solid material that will withstand weight, but which has crevices that will allow water but not gravel and other materials to get through. Next this is covered with some material, stones or gravel in most instances. A pump is inserted in the reservoir and the waterfall or trickling stream is built around where the pump is located. This pump recycles water constantly, flowing up through the pump, down the waterfall, soaking back through the stone or gravel and back into the reservoir. The size of the reservoir needed only depends on the how large you want your waterfall.
Different kinds of pondless waterfalls available
One option for a pondless waterfall is to do it yourself. There are a number of kits available at home improvement stores and other retailers. This will require a bit of work on the buyer’s part and your options are going to be limited to what is available at the store you go to. In addition most of these models are a bit smaller.
More common and offering larger and more versatile options are pondless waterfalls installed by a contractor or home improvement experts. Here your options are nearly limitless. You can choose come up with your very own style, choose from options similar to those in the contractors portfolio or come up with some combination from what you see and your or a designers ideas.
Advantages of getting a pondless waterfall
1. First this is a very inexpensive decoration long term. Because the standing water is underground there is no upkeep or work involved, and the only real long term expense is running the pump, and water pumps are very cheap in most cases.
2. A pondless waterfall can fit just about anywhere you would like. This is great if you have a smaller yard, or you just don’t want a pond taking up a lot of space in your lawn.

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