Automated Pool Safety Covers – How to Keep Your Pool Safe Year Round

Having a pool is a great for those hot summer months, family get-togethers and other occasions, but keeping it clean and safe when not in use can be a real hassle. That is unless you have an automated pool safety cover installed. An automated pool safety cover is simply a pool cover which stretches over your pull automatically with a push of a button. There is more to it than that though. This type of pool cover has a list of great benefits, some you may not have considered, and this type of pool cover is much safer than other more traditional pool covers. We will go over some of the options and some of the details about different types of automated pool safety covers.
Different types of pool covers
Traditionally a pool cover was simply a tarp pool owners placed over the pool in the winter, sometimes held in place with hooks, more often just with rocks or other heavy objects… sometimes even just left floating on the surface of the pool.
Really any piece of plastic can work as a pool cover, but it is not the most efficient way to cover your pool. Modern pool covers have a lot more to offer and are much safer.
The material can be a bubble or a solar cover, this offers the best insulation. Insulated vinyl offers great installation as well and for warmer areas or if you do not use the pool at all in the winter, a regular sturdy vinyl cover will work.
The way the tarp is placed over the pool can also vary. Today automated pool covers ensure all of the water is actually covered. These systems operate via remote and “roll” the pool cover over the entire body of water. A mechanism on each side of the pool holds the tarp tight so that none of the water is exposed. This has the additional benefit of being a whole lot safer.
Do pool covers keep the pool cleaner?
One of the main expenses of having a pool is keep it clean. Along with the chemical balance, objects like dust, grass and leaves that find there way into your pool can make it harder to keep clean. During the winter months when most do not pay a lot of attention to their pool this problem can become worse, sometimes pool owners may even need to drain then refill their pool should the problem get too bad. Of course covering you pool can go a long way toward avoiding these problems. Automated pool covers work best because they cover the entire pool, while most older covers only go over a portion, leaving plenty of room for debris.
Safety issues pertaining to pool covers
One of the main factors to consider is the safety of your pool, especially if you have small children or pets. Pool covers which are not held tightly on each side and which cannot support weight are actually more dangerous than an uncovered pool. If a person or pet falls in they can become tangled, making it more difficult for even strong swimmers to get out.
Automated tarps are held firmly in place, and a quality cover will be able to hold more than enough weight to ensure should someone accidentally fall in, they will have no problem getting back out.
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