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A poolscape is simply the landscape surrounding any pool, along with the shape and the type of pool itself. There are a plethora of options when it comes to the general design and within each theme even more options for the type of greenery and any other decorative items you may want. You can choose to play a hand in the design of the poolscape yourself, higher a professional designer, or rely on the expertise of a contractor. No matter how you choose to design your pool, it is essential you hire a professional to put it all together.
Some general poolscape categories
As mentioned the options are endless. Here are just a few of the popular styles:
• Asian Landscapes
• Bank Checks – This will incorporate a retaining wall
• English Landscape
• Tropical
• Hawaiian
• Fireplace
• Outdoor kitchen
• Garden
• Waterfalls
• Much more
People use combinations of these ideas and all kinds of different greenery.
What’s right for me?
The right type of poolscape all depends on personal preference; however there are some things to keep in mind. First of course is the size of your yard. This in itself may limit your options. Next is the type of ground. This only matters in so much as the amount of work it will take to create the look you want, but for instance areas with hard ground or desert areas may be more expensive when it comes to installing a lot of greenery or a tropical setting. Decide what type of features you want. There are many options like waterfalls, ponds, fountains and more. The actual shape of the pool is a consideration as well. Some settings may look better with a rectangular design, others will compliment curved pools.
Before choosing the style you like you will want to look at plenty of examples, catalogues and websites. Remember, once construction is underway it might be difficult to change your mind.
How much will it cost?
Price really will vary, but you will find that most contractors in any area are competitively priced. Look for a medium and from that list hire the company you feel does the best job from their reviews and samples they provide. Be careful of outliers – those contractors that are a lot more expensive, or way cheaper. This could be a sign something is not completely as it seems. Price will range from the thousands all the way up to the tens of thousands. Hotels and other businesses sometimes spend hundreds of thousands. Whatever you spend, you can be sure that a great design will improve the value of your home and will improve the quality of your time spent in the backyard.
Why do I need a contractor?
A contractor is essential for a job this large. Doing this job the right way will ensure a backyard you can be proud of. Many of the features may be difficult for one not familiar and experienced with creating poolscapes, meaning not hiring a professional can take much longer and can even become more expensive in wasted time and resources.
Looking for a Long Island Poolscape Design? Click here to see our poolscape work.

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