Clean And Seal Pavers

Cleaning-and-Sealing-Paving-Stones2When it comes to the outdoor areas on your property it is important to clean and seal pavers.  You may have paver stones installed on features such as driveways, walkways, pathways, etc. These paving stones are incredibly hardy and resilient and can last for many years with basic maintenance. However, the areas are constantly exposed to climatic changes as well as the sun’s rays.

Over time, they can develop scratches, stains, moss, and mildew. Sometimes, outdoor conditions can also result in fading of the paver surfaces. Not only does this mar the appearance of your landscaping, but moss and mildew-covered pavers can be unsafe to walk on as well. Make sure that these surfaces stay in good condition for a more extended period, by getting the pavers cleaned and sealed at least once every two years.

Clean and Seal Pavers

Gappsi will clean and seal pavers, flagstone, travertine, and other surfaces.  For those who want to keep their patios, pool decks, driveways, walkway areas, or other hardscape areas pristine and welcoming cleaning your walk area is essential.  We can restore your pavers, help with sinking pavers, and set in new polymeric jointing sand for any project size.

A great sealing job starts with the right preparation of the surface, starting with cleaning the patio.  Deep cleaning for pavers, concrete, and stone with hot water pressure washing up to 200-degree water, and cleaning products.

Proper Cleaning and Sealing Is More Than Pressure Washing

Sealing is ideal for both new surfaces and older ones to ensure they stay looking good for years to come. One sealer does not fit all projects, let our experience help you choose the correct sealer for your project. Pool decks, patios, walkways, entrances, driveways, and more, we’ll keep it looking great for years and years to come.

Any product whether it is concrete or natural stones used outdoors for patios walkways, driveways steps, retaining walls, and wall veneers, need to be treated with sealant products to protect them from the environment.  This also helps to protect the stones from stains.

Cleaning-and-Sealing-Paving-Stones3Concrete products are corrosive to citric acid in rain.  The salt and ice melters that are used during the winter along with everyday wear from walking and driving on them cause them to break down unless protected.

Stains on stones can be caused by pollen from trees and plants, water accumulation, and pour drainage.  It can occur when you are transplanting flowers or pottering on patios soil can accumulate in the grooves on the surface of pavers.  Often it is from colored mulch that is used in planting beds or even everyday use of cooking on a patio with dripping oils from the grill.

Natural Stone Cleaning And Sealing

Natural stones on the other hand are not as corrosive as manufactured concrete products, but applying a coat of sealer is just as necessary as it is for the concrete pavers.

The differences between concrete pavers and natural stone pavers are several concrete pavers need to be resealed more often than natural stones.  This is because they are more water absorbent and the sealers applied on the surfaces are more prone to delaminate.  As the humidity rises in the concrete pavers eventually it will push the coating that is on the surface and cause it to delaminate. 

On natural stones, any sealer will last longer due to the density of the natural stone structure.  Water does not rise through the stone structure when natural stones are sealed the body structure of the stone may be porous allowing the sealer to penetrate deeper.  Thus making it more effective and long-lasting to the point that some natural stones don’t need to be re-sealed ever again.

Sealer Types For Outdoor Patio Stones

There are many types of sealers for outdoor patio stones. It can be very hard to figure out which one is the correct one. This is where the professionals at Gappsi would help you choose the right sealing product that will get the results you want.  This prevents unnecessary spending while protecting your patios and wall investment. 

It is important to know the look and degree of color enhancement expected.   You do not want to be surprised when a sealer is applied on a stone patio or driveway.   If you are unhappy with the result, it could be more expensive to remove the sealer than what it costs to apply it. At the Gappsi showroom, we display the different sealers we use.  Each product requires a different type of sealer that has different properties made to adhere and embed on the surface of the paver. 

In order to last as well as be effective, concrete pavers sealers are totally different than natural stone sealers.  In most situations, Urethane is a water-based sealer used for concrete pavers.  These sealers enhance the color and also are water based so they can be applied on damp pavers.  They are considered surface sealers which means they do not penetrate the concrete surface. Eventually, they will need to be reapplied at least every 3 to 5 years.

Paving Stone Cleaning & Sealer Company Woodbury Long Island NYNatural Stone Sealers

Sealers best recommended for natural stones are penetrating sealers.  These sealers will be embedded in the stone surface and are more durable.  Penetrating sealers last 5 to 10 years and can also be used for concrete pavers.  The only downside to penetrating sealers is that the pavers have to be dry to get the best results.

Various finishes are available including:

  • Clear coat
  • Natural
  • Color enhancement
  • Matte
  • Wet look

Most services are able to be done within 24-48 hours. Gappsi specializes in cleaning and restoring all hardscapes including retaining walls and exterior brick on homes and buildings.  We can seal them to restore the color and beauty that may have faded over the years.


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