In-Ground Pool Water Slides Are They Worth It?

In-Ground-Pool-Water-Slides-Are-They-Worth-It4In-ground pool water slides are a great way to add a ton of fun and excitement to your pool. You can turn your pool into a water playground with the feel of a water park.  With this one addition, there are many choices available.  With all the different styles and sizes you can be sure to find something that your family and friends will enjoy for many years!

Create the backyard oasis you’ve always dreamed of and make every weekend your luxury vacation with a backyard waterslide from Gappsi.

Are Pool Water Slides Worth It?

Pool slides are a great way to up the fun factor! Make your swimming pool the most popular summer destination in your neighborhood.  If we’ve learned anything during our many years in the swimming pool industry, it’s this:

Kids LOVE swimming pools, no matter the type, size, or cost!

Throw in a couple of pool toys, and they won’t get out for the rest of the summer.  Add a pool slide, and the pool practically becomes Disneyland.

In-Ground-Pool-Water-Slides-Are-They-Worth-It3Types of Pool Slides

There are many different types of pool slides available, including straight slides, wavy slides, and spiral slides. No matter what type of slide you choose, make sure that it is safe for your children. Choose a slide that is made of durable materials, and that is properly installed.

Given all the varieties of pool slides available,  it’s just a matter of choosing.   Does the slide work with your pool and the ages of those who will be enjoying it?  In addition, to choosing a slide based on adventure level, color, and price there are a few other considerations that you will have to factor into your decision including:

  • deck space
  • mounting options
  • weight limit
  • water supply

It’s important to consider the location of your water slide.  There are minimum depth requirements and restrictions on the distance from the edge of your pool that vary with different slides.

In-Ground-Pool-Water-Slides-Are-They-Worth-It2How Deep Does The Pool Need To Be For A Pool Slide?

How deep your pool must be will depend on the size of your slide. For example, if the slide is meant for small children, the pool depth can be shallower. If the pool slide is for users 48 inches or taller, you’ll need a deeper pool.

*Pro tip: Manufacturers of pool slides provide these specifications to make it easy.

If you’re just trying to get a basic idea of how deep your pool has to be for a slide, the minimum requirements are as follows:

♦ For smaller slides: If the distance between the end of the slide and the water is 3 inches or less, the water must only be 2 feet deep.

♦ For larger slides that accommodate people 48 inches or taller: The water must be at least 3 feet, with some companies requiring deeper.  Slides that do not decelerate the slider: The depth of the water should be 11 ½ feet.  Slides that have twists and level out, slowing the slider: 3 to 4-foot water depth at landing is adequate.

S.R. Smith’s range of CPSC-compliant pool slides includes a removable pool slide, a line of deck-mounted slides, and custom pool slides.

Our residential water slides feature reinforcements down the ride surface making them the strongest and highest quality residential water slides on the market by utilizing the exact same manufacturing methods and using the same materials as commercial water slides. The only difference between our slides and commercial slides is that ours are only a few inches smaller!

In-Ground-Pool-Water-Slides-Are-They-Worth-It1Benefits Of A Water Slide

  • Create an upscale resort feel in your backyard
  • Add value while enhancing the beauty of your landscaping and pool design
  • Bring years of safe enjoyment and pleasure to your home
  • Provide entertainment for family & friends
  • Extend your vacation time from one week to the entire summer!

Salt Water Pool Friendly Slides

If you own a saltwater pool you may have questions about whether a slide is suitable for saltwater.  Providing your pool is balanced and your water health is kept up you shouldn’t notice any additional wear on the slide or its parts.

If you are concerned and for warranty purposes we do recommend using a slide that is salt pool friendly for the added peace of mind.  The synthetic materials used in the construction of salt-friendly slides are incredibly durable in all water conditions, weather, and of course a lot of use.  Look for this symbol or something similar when shopping for in-ground pool slides.

In-Ground-Pool-Water-Slides-Are-They-Worth-ItWhy Purchase From Gappsi?

As a family-owned business with over 36 years of experience, we partner with you every step of the way to ensure you have a stellar experience and receive the highest quality pool slide available to you. We are committed to superior customer service, transparency, safety, and fun!

As parents ourselves, we understand the investment you are making to ensure your family time is the best it can possibly be. We treat every homeowner and every project like it is our own – to ensure each waterslide is made to the highest safety and quality standards.

Making your dreams come true is the driving force behind everything we do. Your fun is our priority and our passion! We’ll work super hard to make sure your Gappsi Water Slide can be enjoyed for years to come!

We look forward to working with you on your next project!


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