Custom Pavilion Installation in Muttontown Long Island NY

Custom-Pavilion-Installation-in-Muttontown-Long-Island-NY5Extending your time outdoors and enjoying that time to the fullest comes down to adding features that enhance your backyard like a custom Pavilion Installation by Gappsi.

Whether you envision your outdoor area as a spot for total relaxation, one for fun, recreation, and exercise, or maybe a little of all those things, it comes down to the outdoor living features that you add to support those ideas and plans.

Adding a pavilion or a pergola are two such features that can take your backyard in Long Island NY to a whole new level.

During the warmer months, we love cooking and eating outside.  This is why countless homeowners choose to make their grill or outdoor dining area the star of their backyard. Whether you’re building your covered outdoor kitchen structure from the ground up, or you’re simply looking to accessorize with a pavilion outdoor kitchen setup we want to help you!

Why Pavilion Installations Now Include Privacy Walls – They are the Next BIG Thing!

We all know that pavilions are this decade’s favorite outdoor structure. They’re versatile, can be custom-built to fit any space, and look great! But what happens when you want more privacy in your backyard oasis? Pavilions with privacy walls are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Today we’re introducing you to partially enclosed pavilion installation: the functional design element that takes your backyard from a neighborhood display to a private getaway!

A few of the custom features you can select when building a partially enclosed Pavilion with Gappsi include:

  • Post size and style
  • Roof style and material
  • Ceiling rafters
  • Exterior colors (roof, wall, post, and ceiling)
  • Electrical packages
  • Outdoor ceiling fans
  • Roof cupola

Custom-Pavilion-Installation-in-Muttontown-Long-Island-NY3Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Designed with Twin Eagles Grill and Summit Refrigeration

Make your grill a year-round cooking feature: The right pavilion outdoor kitchen can be a practical choice. By keeping your entire cooking space covered with a leak-proof roof, you can enjoy a flame-grilled dinner even if it’s raining or snowing.  In our recent design and build in Muttontown, NY we added on the island a small sink, Summit refrigerator, and Twin Eagles Grill with storage cabinets.

Twin Eagles is one of the premier brands in the grilling world, and for good reason. While Twin Eagles grills aren’t cheap, they come with a wide range of features that make it one of the industry leaders. Twin Eagles maintains its spot as a high-end brand that can bring the commercial grilling experience to your backyard.

But what are some of the features that set the Twin Eagles grill apart?

  1. Twin Eagles BBQ grills come with high-powered 25,000 BTU and stainless steel burners.
  2. Hexagon-shaped cooking grates ensure maximum contact of food to the surface.  This offers a considerable advantage over many more traditional grilling options.
  3. Twin Eagles grills also come with a convenient hood assist engineering solution, making it easy to close and open the hood quickly and safely.

Custom-Pavilion-Installation-in-Muttontown-Long-Island-NY4When you choose Twin Eagles grills, you get to select an option that’s designed to fit your needs perfectly. Twin Eagles grills come in multiple sizes and can be used both as a freestanding cart or installed in your kitchen.

Gappsi added Twin Eagles Outdoor cabinets and drawers.  These options keep your favorite utensils and serving dishes convenient and secure.  These smartly designed, weather-safe dry storage cabinets seal snugly to ensure that contents are protected from exposure to the elements.

Summit Outdoor Kitchen Refrigeration

Summit is dedicated to providing greener appliance solutions. Virtually all of their size classes include ENERGY STAR-qualified options, saving on both energy usage and electricity costs.  Adjustable shelves, door storage, and a crisper make storage simple inside the refrigerator.  Summit Appliance has specialized in residential and professional appliance solutions for small spaces and outdoor spaces for more than 45 years. Summit’s frost-free fridge collection is ideal for smaller kitchens.

Why choose Summit? Summit is a great choice for those of you looking for top-quality products that are built to last.

A pavilion is the perfect choice for an outdoor dining area. Nothing creates the feeling that your backyard is an exclusive restaurant like sitting under an elegant outdoor pavilion design.

Custom Pavilion Installation in Muttontown Long Island NYSilver Travertine Pavers – Gappsi Natural Stone Collection

Although many would like to work with an infinite budget, this is rarely the case. Those wanting to make a difference to their home or business can always rely on travertine regarding value for money.

Travertine is an extremely durable stone. These pavers offer a beautifully varied natural look, with colors ranging from silvery gray to lighter and darker shades of gray. This beautiful sedimentary rock is characterized by its natural surface which is full of pits and voids. In addition to its unique lines and patterns. It is this tumbled finish that provides a non-slip surface. When combined with their incredible heat resistance, our quality travertine pavers become the ultimate outdoor solution. It is both slip-resistant and cool underfoot. This makes them especially popular around pools and spas.

Muttontown NY Pool House Pavillion Installation

We built this custom pavilion in Muttontown NY. The Pavilion was completed with vinyl columns and Azak trimming. The inside ceiling is exposed being stained in a mahogany color. We created a storage area with a backdrop wall or privacy wall to accommodate the 2 TVs. We used G036 marble pavers selected from the Gappsi Natural Stone Collection. The wall and the bar island were veneered with silver travertine 4-inch tumbled split face. The above wall was completed with IPE wood and also stained with a natural finish.

The clients use this area for outdoor entertainment. They included a little outdoor pool table and a sofa area. On the island, we installed a small sink and Summit refrigerator with Twin Eagles grill and storage cabinets. The bar area is facing the TV. Very beautiful job, and the clients are very happy. We also restored the pool area patio. Our team utilized the same Nicolock Village paver in Granite City.  We releveled and installed polymeric sand in the paver joints too. The clients in addition purchased a Passion Spa from Gappsi. The latest Gappsi Project in Muttontown Nassau County NY.


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