Basketball Court Design and Construction Sports Game Court East Hampton NY

Basketball-Court-Design-and-Construction-Sports-Game-Court-East-Hampton-NYOur latest Basketball Court Design and Construction is in East Hampton, NY.  The family that plays together, stays together. Nothing is better after a long day of work, school, and errands than gathering together for a family pick-up game. It’s quality time that keeps you healthy and happy.

Let Gappsi bring the GAME to you with a backyard court!

Whether you want a safe place for the kids to play or are training a future NBA star, Mateflex Court Tiles is the premier choice for backyard sports game courts. At Gappsi we can assist with all elements of incorporating a basketball court into your backyard design.  Our team can also make the court into a multi-sport game court so you have more choices.

Every family is unique. What’s best for your family may not be what’s best for someone else. Gappsi’s dedicated and personalized approach helps you find the best court for your family. We have an extensive range of customizable features that will make your backyard court or home gym unlike any other.

Gappsi Home Court Designs Include:

  • Athletic Flooring: indoor and outdoor.
  • Sports Components: adjustable basketball hoops, variable-height net systems, volleyball and tennis nets, sports equipment packages, and rebounders.
  • Lighting: light poles with LED and incandescent bulb options.
  • Ball Containment: wall padding and fencing.
  • Court Complements Batting cages and golf nets.

Kids can play safely, players can play longer and professionals can teach longer on Sports Game Courts because of the impact-reducing tiles.  Whether retrofitting or resurfacing an existing court or maybe building a new stand-alone court.  Dedicated to providing you with a long-lasting, low-maintenance tennis court.

Basketball-Court-Design-and-Construction-Sports-Game-Court-East-Hampton-NY1We custom build 36’, 60’, or full-sized 78’ sports game courts where you can enjoy tennis, pickleball, or other racquet sports at home with your family. We are ready to customize any court to match your needs.

Matelfex is the most innovative basketball court system on the market today. It provides an exceptionally uniform and durable surface, which allows for intensive activity.

Mateflex Sports Game Court Key Features

  1. Low Maintenance – Easy to clean with broom, hose – or leaf blower
  2. Superior Grip – Unique surface profile offers superior grip and traction
  3. Up to 50% Cooler – Tile surface stays up to 50% cooler than concrete or asphalt
  4. Unmatched Durability – Will stand up to aggressive play and harsh weather conditions
  5. Safe – Provides forgiveness for players’ knees, joints, and lower backs
  6. Customizable – Unlimited sizes, numerous color options, and custom logos
  7. Multi-Functional – Add your favorite game lines and designs

Expansion Joint Technology – Why is this so important?

Why are expansion joints so important in outdoor modular sport flooring surfaces? The main reason is that when plastic is put out into the elements, it will expand and contract with varying temperatures and sun conditions. If this is not accommodated in the design and installation of the modular tile surface, several issues can arise. The surface can shift over time, buckle in extreme heat, and cause inaccurate game line dimensions just to name a few. Mateflex accounts for all of this with its unique Expansion Joint Technology.

The Expansion Joint Technology behind Mateflex tiles is what sets their outdoor court surfaces above the competition for all sports. The expansion joints allow the tiles to be flexible and conform better to uneven sub-surfaces, providing more consistent ball bounces than any other outdoor tile on the market.

The expansion joints also allow for the court to be fastened to the subsurface around the perimeter of the court. This is done for several practical reasons, the first being to prevent physical or thermal movement of the surface throughout its long service life. When properly fastened, the tiles are designed to expand and contract within their footprint, eliminating any concerns with thermal expansion. This allows the tiles to be trimmed tight to any vertical obstruction, giving the court a very clean and finished look. It also ensures that your game line dimensions will be accurate regardless of temperature and sun conditions.

The Expansion Joint Technology is one of many reasons that makes Mateflex Sport Surfaces the perfect balance of performance and durability for your next outdoor court project.  Gappsi is a trusted partner of Mateflex.

Basketball-Court-Design-and-Construction-Sports-Game-Court-East-Hampton-NY2What can Gappsi design for you?  You do not have to pick just 1 anymore!

Gappsi is a full-service sports game court designer and installer.  We specialize in custom backyard athletic sports game courts for residential and commercial locations.  Our game courts include Basketball, Street/deck Hockey, Tennis, Futsal, Volleyball, Inline/roller hockey, Paddle tennis, Soccer, Badminton, Floor hockey, Pickleball, Dodgeball, Roller skating, Kickball, Shuffleboard, Hopscotch, Four Square, Handball, Whiffle ball, Tot play, Scooters/trikes, Skateboarding, Parties, Dances, Soccer, Tennis, and more.

For all the ice hockey and ice skating fans out there we also design for cold climates.  Many families design their courts for winter sports and flood the court in the winter making a personal ice rink!

Basketball Court Design and Construction Sports Game Court East Hampton NY

Our team completed a 25×30 basketball court in East Hampton NY.  The basketball sports game court built on a recycled concrete base with Mateflex tiles on top is the perfect home edition.

The customer chose blue for the key and a border with gray for the field color. Black-colored lines striped the court.  In addition, Gappsi added a synthetic turf fringe surrounding the entire court.  As per a customer request, we custom-printed a Jordan logo in the court.

A Pro Dunk adjustable professional basketball hoop and an out-of-bounce netting were installed behind the hoop with removable aluminum poles. This is the latest basketball court built with Metaflex tiles designed by Gappsi in East Hampton NY. 


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