Holiday Lighting Services in Nassau & Suffolk County

Excellent Holiday Lighting Services in Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

Holiday Lighting by Gappsi in Smithtwon nyAs the end of the year rolls around, we gleefully await the start of the holiday season. There’s something truly magical and wholesome about the holiday spirit and the smell of eggnog wafting in the air. Who can forget the piles of neatly wrapped presents under a grand Christmas tree, kids waiting for Santa to fulfill their year-long wishes, and, of course, the twinkling mesmerizing holiday lights that wow one and all? If you are thinking of going all out with your holiday lighting and decoration plans this year, Gappsi can help you. We offer exceptional holiday lighting services in Nassau & Suffolk County.

Our professional holiday lighting installation wizards can turn your house or commercial property into the epitome of holiday cheer with our vast array of holiday lights and eye-catching decorations. Here are some undeniable reasons why you should choose us to light up your property and landscape for the holidays in Nassau & Suffolk County:

Benefit from an Endless Variety of Lights & Decor

Over the years, Gappsi has gathered the experience of providing all types of holiday lighting in Long Island, NY. Whether you want to decorate your residential or commercial space, we have everything you need, including C7 light strings, 5mm string lights, icicle lights, and more. You can choose from multiple hues and brightness levels based on your specific needs. Our top-tier lights come in all colors, including warm white, red, green, blue, white, multi, and more.

Our holiday lighting services are second to none as we offer holiday lighting, designing, and installation for all types of small and large-scale spaces. Apart from our vast collection of lights, we have all decoration items, including striking ornaments, candy canes, snowmen, reindeer, nutcrackers, and more. As one of the best in the business, we want to ensure our clients have everything they need to bring their holiday lighting and decor vision to life.

Holiday Lighting Services in Nassau & Suffolk CountyGet Your Hands on the Best Christmas Trees & Garlands

At Gappsi, we understand holiday cheer is incomplete without the best trees, wreaths, backyard installations, gutter trims, and garlands. It’s why our holiday lighting services in Nassau & Suffolk County include offering wreaths for doors, columns, railings, and pillars. We can cater to all your needs, including providing you with real or synthetic wreaths and trees. We also decorate your trees with bows, ornaments, and lighting to ensure your property looks warm and inviting.

Ensure Your Safety

Often, people can lose focus while putting up holiday lights and décor while handling the mess of years-old, tangled Christmas lights and wires, climbing scary, rickety ladders, scaling tall trees, and going up on the rooftop. It results in preventable injuries, falls, electrocution, and other mishaps. In fact, during the holiday season, there are around 160 injuries related to holiday décor daily.

Since Gappsi has to maintain the best holiday lighting services in Nassau & Suffolk County, we have thoroughly and meticulously decorated and lit up commercial and residential spaces for the holiday season while ensuring client safety. We always use male and female adapters to ensure safe wire connections and keep your lights working throughout the season.

Our lights also come with installed timers to help you control them. Moreover, we use single and gutter clips to ensure secure light installation. Our experts protect light strings from heavy winds or snow with zip ties and electric tape. We also use outdoor extension cords and electrical spools when needed.

Protect Your Property from Damage

We understand that holiday lighting installation can be tricky. If you are not careful, you can damage your property as clips, nails, staples, and ladders present different safety hazards. It’s where professional holiday lighting installation will help you.

At Gappsi, we have the equipment and expertise to install all lights effectively. The negligence of a non-expert installing holiday lights can damage your backyard trees, rooftops, windows, driveways, or other hard-to-reach places. Our professionals will ensure that we don’t damage your property while installing lights or décor.

Holiday lighting on Long IslandGo All Out with Customized Designs

We understand that many people have a specific holiday lighting vision they want to execute to a T. However, when you are putting up outdoor lights on your own, sticking to your dream can be time-consuming, especially if it’s grand.

At Gappsi, we specialize in designing themes for holiday décor and executing them flawlessly. Whether you need specific bulbs, ornaments, greenery, or something else to make your holiday dreams come true, we can offer you everything to ensure your property looks as envisioned.

Get Everything Installed Quick & Safely

If you want to avoid waiting for the last minute before the holidays and stringing up some old lights to call it a day owing to your busy schedule, let us take care of your holiday lighting needs. Trying to install Christmas lights for an elaborate theme can be a tiring multi-day project for the unversed.

If you have such dreams of making your landscape lighting display extravagant and memorable, call Gappsi to help you. Our professionals can understand your vision and set up your impressive décor and lighting display in hours. We have the equipment and experience to ensure all the lights are installed safely and exactly where you wanted them to have a one-of-a-kind display on your hands.

Holiday Lighting on Long IslandBenefit from Prompt Lighting & Décor Removal

Many people have the notorious reputation of leaving their holiday lighting and décor up for months and months. Listen, we understand that removing holiday lights can be a time-consuming hassle. However, it does not have to be! Gappsi offers prompt lighting removal service as well. After the holiday, we will return to remove all the light and décor from your space. Our team will put them all in storage bins and keep them for re-installation in the coming seasons.

Put Your Trust in Gappsi’s Holiday Lighting Services in Nassau & Suffolk County

Gappsi offers reliable and seamless holiday lighting design and installation services for commercial and residential spaces in Nassau & Suffolk County on Long Island, NY. We can supply, install, and remove all your holiday lighting and décor. Schedule your appointment with us to fulfill your holiday lighting dreams today!



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Christmas holiday lighting installation | Long Island NY

Christmas holiday lighting installation | Long Island NYGappsi services the following territories on Long island NY. for both Suffolk County and Nassau County, Glen Cove, Hempstead, North-Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Babylon, Huntington, Islip, Smithtown, Brookhaven,  Southampton, Riverhead, East Hampton, Southold, Eastern Long-Island and Western long-Island

Christmas holiday lighting installation company servicing both Nassau and Suffolk County Long Island NY. We offer free estimates and design ideas for your holiday lighting and garden ornaments, we supply the best quality Reefs, we offer them with lights and bows, and they also come in many different sizes that can be installed on below peaks of roofs and on windows. We include garlands to install on pillars, railings, doors and columns. Bows can be installed on reindeer reefs and trees, and we include them in many other parts of the holiday lighting designs. Are you looking for a Christmas holiday lighting installation company near you? Gappsi is the company that can offer you all types of lighting and decorations. We only use the highest quality C7 socket string lights, icicle lights and 5mm string lights. You can choose from a variety of colors and brightnesses. They are available in all colors, multi, white, warm white, green, blue, red, and many more. As a well-experienced Christmas holiday lighting installation and designer company, we care about functionality and making your property tastefully decorated, but we also care about your safety. This is the reason why we use male and female adapters for safe connections of wires to avoid any problems, and we also make sure your Christmas holiday lighting works perfectly throughout the holiday season. All Gappsi Christmas holiday lighting installation on Long Island NY include timers that are installed to control the lights to go on and off at a desired time. Gutter and shingle clips are used for clean and secure installation of lights and decorations, we use zip ties and electric tape for extra precaution on heavy wire and long span to protect light strings from getting taken apart from heavy winds a snow loads. We use outdoor-rated extension cords if needed and electrical spool are used for connections. Gappsi provides Christmas holiday lighting installations and also Christmas lawn decorations/inflatables including pop ups, snowmen, reindeer, Santa and more. After the holiday season is over, Gappsi will come back and remove all lights and decorations, neatly put them in storage bins, and mark them to be ready for re installation the following season.

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Holiday Lighting Installation in Smithtown, NY 11787

Holiday Lighting Installation in Smithtown, NY 11787This complete holiday lighting installation was done by Gappsi in Smithtown, NY. All shrubs, stoop railings, gutters, windows, and the front door were decorated and outlined with LED lights. Three reefs were installed beside and above the front door, and the three trees on the front lawn were also wrapped with lights. Gappsi prides this installation on its simplicity and elegance.

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Holiday Lighting Installation by Gappsi in Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Holiday Lighting Installation by Gappsi in Port Jefferson, NY 11777This complete holiday lighting installation was done by Gappsi in Port Jefferson, NY. All shrubs, stoop railings, gutters, windows, and the front door were decorated and outlined with LED lights. Reefs were installed on the front door and two on the upper half of the house; the upper half of the house was also lined with a row of icicle mini lights. Also an inflatable snowman, an inflatable Santa Claus, and a reindeer installation was constructed on the front lawn.

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