Hockey | Shuffle Board Pro


For Indoor and outdoor use Best used for Hockey and Shuffle Board Best Installed on Concrete or asphalt base.
Also suitable for Tennis Volleyball Futsal Badminton Pickleball Basketball and others

Cost- $6 per sq ft (free design of court)

(Free shipping in select areas)

Available Colors

Thermal Expansion System

  • Patent design; 8 groups resilience arms & elastic
    pillars; Prevent the court from bulging caused by
    the rise in temperature.

Center Lid

  • Easy to fix SG tool and make a custom logo.

Textures Treatment Surface

  • Improve the slip resistance performance greatly.

Raw Materials

  • Modified polypropylene, color masterbatch, antioxidant, light stabilizer, TPE, etc.

Size And Weight

  • Size: 303.3mm×303.3 mm×15 mm (±0.15mm)
    Weight: 33 0 g (±5g).

Cold Shrinking System

  • Consisted of 8 sets elastic sheets and lateral post; Preventing the
    court from cracks caused by temperature reduction.

Safety System

  • 1 group fixer & expansion screws & screws & hole; Help anti- displacement, anti-storm wind, against thief.

Buffering System

  • The design inspiration from professional NBA court design.
    50 Pcs elastic cushions help to decompose the surface pressures and
    ensure better shock absorption to protect athlete’s joints.