Self-Contained Outdoor Water Fountains

Self-Contained Outdoor Water Fountains

Self-Contained Outdoor Water Fountains2

Self-contained outdoor water fountains are an elegant finishing touch to projects and spaces large or small.  An outdoor fountain can turn a simple outdoor living space into an inviting and relaxing area. Choosing the right fountain for your landscaping décor is a combination of personal preference and practicality keep in mind.

Which Fountain Is Best For Your Project?

  • Source Of Power – Outdoor fountains have a variety of power options with the two most common being hardwired and solar-powered, you can choose which is best for the project.
  • Water Source – Fountains often are connected to the property’s water supply for a convenient supply right to the unit. The other fountain type uses a hose and a pump that re-circulates water through the fountain on a continuous basis.
  • Lighting Options – While some fountains have lights, you can also place lights around the fountain where you want to illuminate it. When deciding on outdoor lighting you can also consider amber lights.  They offer a more soothing effect versus multicolored lights that provides a more fun element to the area.
  • FInishes – The fountain’s finish is a primarily aesthetic consideration that requires you to take the surrounding area into account and then decide.


  • Location Matters – If the fountain requires a constant water supply or a hardwired energy source, taking the location of water lines and electrical connections into consideration is critical.  The location of the fountain is one of the most important choices you have to make.
  • Complimentary Decor – Most people opt to dress up the area with complementary décor.  For example, a paved path leading to the fountain or a water feature around the fountain are two possible options to consider.
  • Water Efficiency – Some outdoor fountains have re-circulating pumps for water efficiency if you do not have a constant water source available.  This fountain type uses the same water until the water needs to be drained or until it evaporates.
  • Cleaning The Fountain – Having a scummy layer of algae can make your fountain look terrible.   Keeping it clean is important but there are some fountains that have a cleaning cycle that can help save you time.
  • Winter Care – People who are in locations that experience freezing temperatures during the winter months will need to care for their fountain to prevent cracking when the water freezes.

Self-Contained Outdoor Water Fountains

Self-Contained Outdoor Water Fountain in Smithtown, NY

The above picture is a self-contained outdoor water fountain with a water reservoir underground to collect the water.

  • Veneered walls using beige travertine split face and tumbled stone.
  • The self-contained outdoor water fountain walls used 2 inches of tumble coping.
  • The sheer waterfall descends over the lion faces, which spouts water adding to the wall spillover features.
  • Bursts of colorful flower pots were added to the steps of the wall on the fountain.
  • A picture of the family pet was added behind the fountain.
  • Large brightly colored red flower pots were added to brighten the area and in addition, add a pop of color.

Gappsi added in the front of the fountain a fire pit area for all to enjoy the fountain and zen it created. The entire setting is very peaceful with the relaxing sound of the water fountain.


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