Bluestone Patio Pavers and Pool Copings in Nassau and Suffolk County

Bluestone Patio Pavers
A custom pool with durable bluestone coping and pavers

Remodeling a patio is a tough task; it changes the entire look of your home’s exterior. You have to be extra careful when creating a landscape design with pavers and pool copings. The pavers and copings should look good and offer durability and convenience. Recently, bluestone patio pavers have become a popular choice amongst homeowners to spruce up their outdoor space. Read on for more details.

What is Bluestone?

Firstly, bluestone isn’t a geological category of a rock-stone. It represents more than 20 distinct rock varieties suitable for construction purposes; their deposits are present worldwide.

The U.S has two distinct types of bluestone: the first is a sandstone found in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. The other is a variety of limestone found in Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

The name bluestone originates from the dark-blue-colored sandstone first found in Ulster County, New York. But this doesn’t mean this rock doesn’t have different shades. Besides the blue tones, bluestones also appear in shades of gray and brown.

At Gappsi, our masonry designers and installers are experts at transforming outdoor spaces with high-quality bluestone patio pavers and pool copings.

Why Use Bluestone Patio Pavers?

Bluestone is a trendy choice for patios, walkways, stepping stones, etc. Home improvement contractors in Nassau and Suffolk County recommend bluestone for patios due to the following reasons:

  • Bluestone is a Strong Material

Bluestone is one of the strongest stones used in construction. It ranks sixth on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This makes it harder than marble at fifth and softer than granite at seventh.

Unlike other natural stones, bluestone doesn’t scratch, chip, or break easily. Also, this stone has an above-average compressive strength, meaning it doesn’t crack under pressure easily.

Bluestone’s hardiness makes it a popular building material in the US and worldwide. There are plenty of structures and monuments made of bluestone worth checking out.

  • Bluestone is Weather-Resistant

Bluestone patio pavers last long because the weather doesn’t damage this naturally-occurring rock. It can tolerate all kinds of weather and temperatures, whether sunny, snowy, or even icy. Hence, you can install it on your patio, no matter where you live.

The only point you should remember is to avoid dark shades of bluestone if you live in a highly sunny area; darker shades may get too hot under the sun.

  • Bluestone has Good Drainage

Another quality of bluestone is that its absorption rate is only two percent. This means bluestone patio pavers and pool copings do not become very slippery, a major concern if you live in a rainy area or have children at home.

Moreover, bluestone’s porous nature prevents bacteria and algae from growing on the pavers and copings. Its good drainage properties also prevent pavers from stains caused by the runoff from the snow or rain. Such stains are quite common in other natural rocks with high moisture content, like granite.

  • Bluestone Patio Pavers Look Super-Attractive

The main charm of bluestone lies in its incredible variation. Even the bluestone from the same quarry and batch might differ slightly. You can browse through the different varieties to find the one that suits your preferences.

  • The elegant blue shades and other earth-toned colors look striking with all kinds of landscapes.
  • Uniform shapes easily available in the market are square, rectangles, and straight lines.
  • Don’t want to go too mainstream? You can choose from interesting patterns featuring irregular shapes and jagged edges like chevron and herringbone.
  • Bluestone comes in many sizes, from small pebbles to large boulders.
Bluestone Pavers
Bluestone Pool Coping by Gappsi

Uniform shapes and sizes give a neat look and are easy to design and install. In contrast, irregular pavers are a little tricky to install, but they make patios look natural. Gappsi offers custom fabrication of patio pavers and pool copings so that your outdoor space looks exactly how you want.

  • Bluestone is Easily Available

The United      States has numerous bluestone quarries that make this natural stone readily available in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Hence, there is no additional cost of overseas shipping included in the price of bluestone patio pavers and pool copings.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Bluestone Patio Pavers and Pool Copings

Like other natural stones, bluestone also needs proper care and maintenance.

  • Keeping bluestone clean ensures it looks its best and lasts longer. Sweeping dust and debris from bluestone patios and poolsides regularly is a must. Use a water hose for anything that you can’t remove with a broom. For extra-stubborn stains, it’s better to call a professional paver cleaning and maintenance service for help.
  • One of the best qualities of bluestone is that it doesn’t need any refreshing like painted bricks, wood, vinyl, and other materials. It can maintain its natural look over a long time.
  • Remember that bluestone is a natural material. Even if you install uniform-sized patio pavers, the stone still displays a few imperfections like small crevices, clefts, and rust stains. These imperfections are a part of its beauty. This is what makes bluestone ideal for giving your patio a natural feel.
  • Bluestone is a dense but porous material. Hence, sealing bluestone patio pavers exposed to direct sunlight and other weathering elements is important. It protects them from absorbing dirt and other impurities. Sealing also saves the patio pavers from mineral stains and makes them last longer.


Masonry Contractors in Nassau and Suffolk County

Want to know more about bluestone patio pavers and pool copings? Gappsi provides all the details you need to make an informed decision. You can also browse through patio pavers made of other materials like travertine, limestone, and granite. A reliable installer from Gappsi will make sure your patio has an excellent finish, no matter what material you choose.

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