Gunite Swimming Pool Renovation – Using Marble Dusting Plaster and Tiles

Top-5-Benefits-of-a-Gunite-Swimming-Pool-East-Hampton-NY3Time can take a toll on several structures of your home, from driveways and roofing to swimming pools. While wear and tear are inevitable, there’s certainly a way to deal with it. Using marble dusting plaster and tiles for gunite swimming pool renovation can do wonders to resurface your pool.

Fortunately, there are ways to tell when your pool has begun aging. There are only so many freezes and thaw cycles and pressurized water it can handle. If you’re also wondering how to bring it back to life, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Marble Dusting Plaster?

In short, it’s a smooth plaster finish applied to gunite pools and spas. Made using a mixture of crushed marble and highly refined white cement, you can purchase it in many colors. However, the most common colors people opt for are black and anything in the gray spectrum.

Our highly skilled professionals at Gappsi will start by applying it to your water line. Following this, they will apply rows of tiles of your choice. From our contractor to the applicator, everyone ensures you get just the kind of finish you desire for your gunite pool.

Signs You Need Marble Dusting Plaster and Tiles for Gunite Swimming Pool Renovation

The Stains Are Apparent

Stains come in different sizes and shapes. While they’re nothing more than signs of superficial damage, they can be annoying. The stains can be as irritating as the ones on your clothes. In most cases, they’re caused by algae, leaves, and other natural debris and chemical and mineral inputs.

If you see them growing in size and are unable to clean them up using home remedies, it may be a good time to contact Gappsi for a professional repair service.

Gunite Pool Renovations
A Gunite Pool Renovation in Long Island, NY

The Texture Doesn’t Seem Right

It’s important to recognize when your pool surface doesn’t feel smooth. Is the gunite showing through? Does the surface feel rough? These can be huge signs of deterioration of your pool surface.

The chances are, it will only get worse over time. Finding a good applicator and supplier in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, can be a daunting task. For this reason, our contractor at Gappsi makes sure to match your needs with the best team at hand.

Apart from staining, you may also want to look out for unbalanced levels of pH that can deteriorate the surface in the blink of an eye. If you notice that your pool needs more cleaning than usual, then there may be a good chance that there’s an imbalance in your pool chemicals.

There’s Frequent Leakage

Is your pool holding water well? A damaged or worn-out pool will have frequent leakage, making the water levels go down immensely even if you’ve just added water.

And much like a weakening surface, pool leaks will only worsen if left unaddressed. And that also means your water bill will keep going up, up, up until a full resurfacing is done.

Additional Resurfacing Options For Your Gunite Pool

There are a number of resurfacing options, including marble dusting plaster and tiles for gunite swimming pool renovation. At Gappsi, we’re not only well-versed in what your pool needs, but we also have several pool surfaces to offer, such as marcasite and quartz aggregate.

Marcite Vs. Quartz Aggregate

While the former is a mixture of marble dust, water, and cement, the latter is a mixture of plaster and small quartz pieces. For most pool surfaces, marcite is used as the standard plaster application. Furthermore, it provides a watertight seal over gunite and is very reliable.

The reason it’s a popular choice for pools is that it’s smooth and has a traditional appearance. It also reflects light inside, creating a vivid blue effect.

On the other hand, quartz aggregate lasts much longer. It is also harder than and not as prone to staining as marcite. Simultaneously, it gives the pool a unique and luxurious appearance.

A Gunite Swimming Pool
A customized gunite pool by Gappsi

How Long Does the Pool Resurfacing Take?

Once we’ve connected you to the relevant applicator and supplier in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, it shouldn’t take longer than a day or two to complete the process. This means you won’t have to shut your pool down for an indefinite period of time.

However, don’t let the issues linger because the more challenging they get, the more destructive they become. Don’t let any damage get away from your sight because sooner or later, it will end up causing more harm than good.

While renovating the pool doesn’t take longer than two weeks, curing certainly takes over two weeks. Before this, it is unlikely that you will be able to use the pool. While you wait, you can plan a wonderful re-opening pool party.

Schedule Your Maintenance Services Today

Aging is only natural. There will come a point when your pool begins deteriorating due to a number of factors. The time and effort to maintain a pool are not always worthwhile. This is why you must leave it to the professionals at Gappsi.

From conducting an inspection to providing you with the best quality marble dusting plaster, we’ll do everything it takes to fulfill your needs. Our experts will also make sure to check your drains, filter, heater, and pump to look for any signs of malfunctions and leaks.

Furthermore, they will also the old plaster and the tile for signs of aging. The applicators and technicians at Gappsi will only renovate your pool after they’ve assessed the damage.

Nothing extends the life of your pool more than popular and regular swimming pool maintenance. So, leave it up to the professionals and contact Gappsi if you’re in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, to schedule a consultation.



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