Inground Pool Bubblers And Water Features

Inground-Pool-Bubblers-And-Water-Features2Inground pool bubblers and water features are optional when designing a pool.  If you are considering a Gappsi pool, a great way to add ambiance and tranquility is to add water and lighting features. The sight and sound of running water take away the stress of everyday life, allowing you to sit back and relax. Cascades, waterfalls, spillovers, bubblers, deck jets, laminars, slides, and diving boards are all ways you can make your experience unique to you. Fiber optic and LED lighting allow you to set the mood, even at night. Whether you have planned a romantic evening, or want to impress your guests with a backyard light show, add-on features allow you to create your backyard retreat. Our partners offer an array of products to choose from.

Water features let you customize your pool or spa in a variety of ways. They can be a single sconce of water or multiple spillways in a raised pool wall, delivering a stream of water into the pool. Water features are single sheets of water called powerfalls or individual raindrops projected into the pool. Each water feature surrounds you with a delightful, ambient sound of water as it moves around. Water features can be fabricated to fit in almost any design. Add a water element to your pool and it turns into a majestic accent.  It is a great add-on to have for a more relaxing and enjoyable backyard experience.  Water features are elegant additions to your backyard.

Inground Pool Bubblers And Water Features

Bubbler Water Features

Bubblers are fun water features that spout up from shallow pool surfaces, like steps, beach entries, or tanning shelves. Combined with the right lighting, they create a fun splash pad for small children and adults alike.

A pool bubbler sends a stream of bubbling water to the surface of the pool creating a mini geyser-like column of water.   The shallow end of a pool is the perfect place to place one. You can choose bubblers that have standard or color-changing lights built in. Like waterfalls, bubblers add a relaxing and natural sound to your pool.

Inground-Pool-Bubblers-And-Water-Features1Stream Sprays

Add visual and physical impact by adding a stream spray.  Stream sprays project water into the pool.  The stream spray shoots upward and then falls to the surface. On the surrounding pool decking or shoot out of the sidewall of the pool the jets are installed. Kids and adults will appreciate the visual aesthetic.  The interactive experience it brings as it consistently streams jets of water from its spray.

Deck Jets & Laminar Jets

Deck Jets are playful, sparkling arcs of water that shoot out of your pool deck or surrounding landscaping. In the daytime, they catch the sunlight and add shimmering effects to your pool. In turn, laminar jets, lit with colorful LED lights, give a dramatic effect to your nighttime pool.  Jets rotate through a range of colors and shooting patterns with automated controls.


Waterfalls give your pool a nature-inspired vibe, as well as they are very popular with kids and adults. Our custom-designed waterfalls utilize natural rocks in conjunction with artistically constructed faux stonework to create a lush natural look that perfectly complements the surrounding areas. The visual and auditory impact of the sound of water smoothly flowing down makes for a truly relaxing experience.

The addition of a rock waterfall to your swimming pool will enhance its beauty and create a pleasant environment. Not only are waterfalls beautiful, but water falling over rocks or tiles creates a sound that is soothing as well as meditative. We can even increase your waterfall’s fun factor by combining it with a slide, grotto, or both.

Inground-Pool-Bubblers-And-Water-FeaturesLaminar Streams

Laminar Streams are translucent arcs of water that stream from the pool deck or surrounding landscape. They can go as high as 7 feet or more before landing in a pool, spa, or other water feature. These streams arc across the swimming pool, adding an elegant and unique visual experience to your poolscape. At night, the LED lighting makes them glow and even more enchanting to watch.

Sheer Descents & Scuppers

A sheer descent is a type of waterfall feature. They can be adjusted to create a range of water effects from a rushing mountain waterfall to a silent, glass-like sheet of water. Like sheer descents, scuppers are cascades typically installed on sheer walls bordering swimming pools and raised spas. The constant flow of scuppers helps to control the overflow of water out of your spa or pool keeping the water level as well.  Like sheer descents, they can act as a waterfall, spitting spout, a bubbling brook, and more.

If you’re going to build a custom swimming pool why not give it the features that make it unique? From the sights of special lighting and “natural” features to the soothing sounds of bubblers, jets, rock waterfalls, or a rope swing. The extras will take your custom in-ground pool to the next level, making it the best spot in your home for lounging, entertaining and just getting away from it all.


View Gappsi’s YouTube channel for videos of Inground Pool Bubblers And Water Features

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Swimming Pool Water Feature Ideas

What Swimming Pool Water Features Can I Add to My Pool?

Swimming-Pool-Water-Feature-Ideas3Swimming Pool Water Feature Ideas to inspire you with your backyard design.  When water is in motion it engages our senses, it is beautiful to look at and very relaxing to hear. A swimming pool with a custom water feature or waterfall is a water-on-water experience that serves as a focal point and draws you into its environment. Similar to other elements on your property, you want to choose a water feature that compliments the architectural style of your home as well as your pool. Your swimming pool water feature should also fit within your budget and personal taste. Gappsi offers a variety of pool water features to choose from including fountains, scuppers, sheer decent, rain curtains, laminar jets, bubblers, mist, deck jets, boulder waterfalls, infinity edges or negative edges, and dramatic fire-on water features.

With so many types of water features to choose from, the effects they can create are seemingly infinite when factoring in size, flow rate, acoustics, and lighting. Simply put, today’s pool builders create customized features that move water in astonishing ways.

Swimming Pool Water Feature Ideas

1. Fountains – Ornamental fountains make attractive additions to any swimming pool. In particular, these water features are visually intriguing when grouped together in a pair or trio.

In particular, bubbler fountains are a favorite on new projects. Growing demand for pool tanning ledges is driving the rise of the bubblers.  That’s because a lively bubbler is a perfect way to accent a tanning ledge or the pool’s first entry step. Their fluid motion provides a cue to alert pool users to the shallow structure below.  For the same reason, bubblers are a favorite to mark a beach entry on a pool. A bubbler fountain can also go in the center of a spa.

To make the most of bubblers or spray fountains, you want the ability to view them at night too. With this benefit in mind, ask us about adding color-changing LED lighting to each one.

Additional factors that are equally important in choosing the right water feature for your swimming pool:

2. Rock Waterfalls – More pool owners are requesting rock waterfalls and rock features to make their pool feel like a home resort. Freeform pools commonly use rock waterfalls.  They are ideal for natural-style pools that may resemble a tropical lagoon or mountain spring. The freeform pools use the large rocks surrounding the pool as a small deck. Large boulder clusters or rock planters help the waterfall blend into the pool area.

Some rock styles and colors are universally popular, but each region of the country has a preferred color pattern and rock type based on the appearance of the local stone. Many pool owners prefer natural stone, but the faux rock is a great option as well because it allows for customized formations.

The size of the waterfall should be relatively proportional to the size of the pool, but multiple waterfalls on an average-sized pool will look great with the right landscaping. Using several waterfalls for a dramatic effect typically works better than one massive waterfall.

So Many Features To Choose From The Possibilities Are Endless

3.  Sound – Most homeowners opt for an added water pool feature for their homes not only because of the visual aesthetics but also because of the sound it produces. It is equally significant to establish the mood that your water feature will create. A well-designed pool water feature must not only be visually appealing but equally enticing to other senses. Ambient noises like the sound of flowing water are said to produce a relaxing vibe and a calm atmosphere. While if you are opting for a quiet environment, then go for water features that do not produce sound.

4.  Flow Of The Water – Dynamics is also a significant part of swimming pool water feature design. The flow of water, including its direction and how it enters the pool, can cause corresponding effects on the overall look of the water feature. Fluidity in motion is one of the factors which make swimming pool water features visually satisfying. While some may opt to go with dynamic water features, others may choose to go with the stillness of the water. Some water features produce a stunning mirror-like surface that emanates tranquility.

5.  Lighting – Mood and accent lighting can be added to the water feature to enhance its ambiance and appearance. Warm lights or colored lights add visual interest and also make your water feature stand out, especially at night. Natural lighting is also another important factor as the way the water feature reflects and refracts sunlight causes an effect on the color.


6.  Budget – The budget plays an important part in choosing the right water feature for your swimming pool. Some may consider it to be the biggest constraint because it dictates the features which you can include in your water feature.

7. Effects – Water features often include features that can be adjusted to different settings, providing different effects. The light settings are activated depending on the current mood of the user or the personal preference of the homeowner.

Swimming-Pool-Water-Feature-IdeasSpillover Bowls And Pools On Long Island NY

Gappsi designed and installed a small vinyl pool that was built with concrete walls and a liner in this backyard in Seaford NY. Our team at Gappsi incorporated stairs and a sundeck into the pool to add additional features. The sundeck has 12 inches of water and it’s used to keep the lunch chairs with a table that will hold an umbrella. A water feature with led spillover bowls and a 4 feet sheer descent. The water bowls are coordinated with the pool lights which also change colors. We paved the entire backyard and pool coping with G043 marble pavers. We also landscaped up the fence between the pool and fence with evergreens and other flowering plants.


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Gunite Swimming Pool Company | 11732 East Norwich NY | Blue stone Patio | Deck Jets | Gappsi


Gunite Swimming Pool Company | 11732 East Norwich NY | Blue stone Patio |  Deck Jets | GappsiThis private residence located on Long Island, NY features the design & installation by Gappsi Group. The focus of the design is centered around the rectangular Gunite pool, natural blue stone patio and deck jets. The surrounding patio is a natural stone, and the design is completed with outdoor furniture and lighting accents. All construction and installation was completed by our highly skilled Gappsi Group team members.

To partner with Gappsi on your next project please contact us at 631-543-1177, or to learn more about Gappsi products 

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Custom Gunite Swimming Pool in Huntington Bay, NY


Custom Gunite Swimming Pool in Huntington Bay, NYThis private residence located on Long Island, NY features the design & installation by Gappsi Group. This project involves the installation of a custom-built gunite swimming pool in Huntington Bay on Long Island, NY. After the excavation of pool, we start the process of installing steel rebars. Upon completion this gunite swimming pool will have a built in spa, sun deck and custom benches along the perimeter of the pool, as well as an auto cover and several fire features incorporated in the design. Additional design details include; spill over water features, and deck jets installed under the natural stone coping. All construction and installation will be completed by our highly skilled Gappsi Group team members.

To partner with Gappsi on your next project please contact us at 631-543-1177, or to learn more about Gappsi products and services please visit

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