Brick Ovens Construction Methods Italian Style


Brick Ovens Construction Methods. Welcome To Gappsi, My Name is Giuseppe Abbrancati and I will give you a demonstration  of our brick ovens construction and models. We carry 5 different styles  and  we have them displayed at the Gappsi showroom for you to view them in person. Gappsi brick ovens are by far the best on the market,

As far as construction, material used to build them, designs, finishes and functionality. They all come with a standard finish. Which includes stucco, pebble rocks, random cut stones and tiles? We also offer custom finishes to your specifications such as  personalized engraving  of your favorite pictures hand painted by our artists on the exterior of the

As part of our Brick Ovens Construction Methods We can also cast your desired words on the oven metal door. If you are in the market for a brick oven, and do enough researches you will learn about the Biscotto di Sorrento, many companies that use something similar as the biscotto di Sorrento will make a big deal about it, and also will charge you more money as an upgrade of the ovens floor. Many of you would ask? What is the biscotto di Sorrento? The biscotto di Sorrento is a terracotta brick manufactured from clay that is only found in Italy in the region of Campania in the Sorrento area on the Amalfi coast. This clay is rich in natural minerals that will absorb, retain and release   the heat uniformly; making your cooking process the most natural cooking experience you can get using a brick oven. The difference between a Gappsi biscotto di Sorrento and the competition is that many companies that claim to use the  only use to make the base on the oven,

Gappsi builds the entire oven, floor, walls and dome with the same material. The Gappsi method of building brick ovens, is a tradition that dates back over 300 years From one of the first producers of the biscotto di Sorrento still in business in Italy today after many generations.

The process of building Gappsi brick ovens starts with the collection of the clay and stored to dry. When it’s time to manufacture the bricks it gets mixed, the clay is then made in to a consistent paste and then molded in to specific sizes  and let to dry. The drying process continues for several weeks, smaller bricks are stacked and also let to dry naturally. The dried clay bricks are then stacked into a chamber and then a wood burning fire is used in the furnace below to cook the clay bricks into their final stage of manufacturing. These are the complete terracotta biscotto di Sorrento for the ovens floor and bricks that will be used to build the Gappsi brick ovens.

This is how we build Gappsi ovens starting with a metal frame base that works as the foundation for the oven; we apply insulation under the concrete base to keep the very bottom of the oven insulated, then we install wire mesh before the concrete is poured. As we pour the cement into the form we preset the hole for a future gas burner to be installed. Then we start with the assembling of the floor, we set up the biscotto di Sorrento bricks and start building the walls around , and after we complete the first 2 rows we ten remove the floor and fill the void with volcanic sand, mixed with rock salt, this combination acts as a subfloor that provides insulation and heat retention under the ovens terracotta floor.

Then the clay brick biscotto di Sorrento is installed above the volcanic sand. In this particular oven we drilled the hole completely through the ovens floor because this oven will have a gas burner and will work with both gas and wood fire. Here we are starting to build the walls, starting with erecting the door frame and cutting the bricks to match the door angles. The first row of biscotto di Sorrento bricks is installed vertically as a soldier course around the perimeter of the oven the bricks are installed in a wage position that minimizes the cement exposure on the inside of the oven in between brick joints. Bricks are plumbed and installed to perfection by artisans installers as the base wall is complete a top row of bricks is installed as a bond beam and the shape of the dome is created with a temporary dome made out of volcanic sand.

The dome is then built over using the same technique of waged bricks to create the cupola inside the oven. This process is used till the completion of the brick dome then the exterior of the brick dome is covered with a wire mesh  reinforced layer of a mix of cement , sand and expanded clay pebbles further insulating the ovens exterior crust. This is the ovens structure completed with the best clay bricks.

Every Gappsi oven is built the same way up to this point then it depends on the finish and style the oven will take the shape of the desired model. The interior of every Gappsi oven is a site of craftsmanship, Beauty, and History of a tradition that has been unchanged for more than 300 years and the exterior of every Gappsi oven comes standard with a large useful mentality, made out of volcanic black marble, which is beautiful and also heat resistant. Using the traditional oven shell,

Here we are building the vesuvio style oven a combination of brick accent, to face the front of the oven, the dome for the smokestack is being built over a metal frame and insulated all Gappsi ovens domes are insulated with a high quality fiberglass blanket, a second frame is built on the outside of the oven. all rebar reinforced and wrapped with galvanized wireleath. A volcano shape is accomplished and a cavity is also created between the oven and the outside shell.

True craftsmanship and precise execution goes into every Gappsi brick oven construction. A layer of cement is then applied over the wireleath; the air chamber created serves two purposes this provides more insulation for the oven and makes the exterior surface of the oven safe and cool to the touch, the final installation of the top cupola the smoke stack And the vesuvio model is Complete.

This is our Napolitano model veneered standard with river rocks. These are our craftsmen’s posing with the Sorrento model oven, Standard veneered with random sized natural stones and brick accents, And to complete our line of custom brick ovens is  the Amalfi Style finished with custom hand painted tiles from our artists of Your favorite memories with friends  and family and can also get your favorite name engraved into the oven metal door.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our brick ovens and construction process. Please visit the Gappsi showroom to view our brick ovens and all our unique products. If you are in the market for a brick pizza oven please do all your research and come to us last. We are very confident that we will  prove to you and that you will agree  that Gappsi ovens are the best quality brick ovens on the market.

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Westbury Marble pavers supplier | Nassau County NY 11590

Westbury Marble pavers supplier | Nassau County NY 11590Westbury Marble pavers supplier and installer servicing Westbury NY, 11590. Gappsi specializes in marble and wall cladding, veneer, copings and pavers products and we offer design, supply, and installation services throughout Long Island in both Nassau and Suffolk County. When visiting our showroom in Smithtown, you will find the largest selection of marble pavers and cultured stones. They come in several different colors and finishes, including sandblasted, honed, brushed, and tumbled. We carry matching copings for all our marble pavers or we can also contrast with different color borders or inlays. If you are in the market for a new patio, walkway, or driveway, you have found the best Marble pavers and copings contractor for your project. Gappsi Personnel are well experienced and knowledgeable and can guide you throughout the entire project. Starting with designing, marble pavers selection, supplying, and installation for your new home improvement project. Gappsi Marble pavers and copings can be installed on steps, front porches, wall caps, and swimming pool copings. They are available in bullnose edging and easy edges. 
In this particular installation, we used a creamy looking color marble. The pool coping and column caps installed are thermal bluestone, used as a contrast to outline the pool shape and the step treads. The veneers for the step risers are beige marble split face veneers. The marble pavers are a very unique Turkish marble with many shades of whites and cream vein patterns. The finish applied on them is sandblasted and chiseled edges, a very beautiful looking texture that can also be seen from standing on the patio. It is made to resemble a weathered stone. Both the color and the texture transmit a relaxed and calm atmosphere. The pattern cut is a french pattern, which is a combination of 4 different sizes laid in a random pattern. For your next purchases of Marble pavers and copings, please visit the Gappsi Showroom at 1015 West Jericho Turnpike in Smithtown NY 11787 and choose from among the largest selection of unique marble stones for your project. Marble pavers and copings will last forever and they will neither wear or fade. You will never have to do another patio again and they will look forever new. if you in the market and looking for a Westbury Marble pavers supplier in Westbury Gappsi is the company for you.

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Azek Composit, Synthetic Moldings and Trims Designer Installer Contractor Long Island NY

Azek Composit, Synthetic Moldings and Trims Designer Installer Contractor Long Island NYAzek Moldings and Trims

Azek moldings and trims is a high-performance wood replacement line that is durable and eliminates the worry of maintenance that natural wood requires. It will keep a new appearance despite the weather or time of year and it is moisture and insect resistant so it does not cup, rot, or split. There are many different variations of molding profiles such as, Crown profiles, Sill Drip profiles, and Casing profiles.

Azek  Composit, Synthetic  Trims

Azek trims are reliable and resourceful just like the Azek molding. Azek trim is available in two finishes, traditional and frontier. Traditional trim has a smooth, semi-matte white surface on both sides. Frontier trim is reversible, with one side having a rustic texture and one side with a smooth texture. Azek trim can easily be milled, shaped, and molded using woodworking tools. It also can be routed and cut without chips, fastened close to edges without splits, and heat-formed. Every inch of the product can be used, eliminating waste completely.

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Epoxy Floors Design and Installation Long Island NY

Epoxy Floors Design and Installation Long Island NYEpoxy Floors

Epoxy floors have become very popular in the past decade. The versatility of the material is unmatched by any other product. There is an unbelievable variety in color, and the finishes vary from rustic-working-garage type flooring finishes, to elegant marbleized hotel lobbies or residential homes. Gappsi provides epoxy floors solutions to all residents on Long Island for both Nassau and Suffolk Counties in NY.  Get  your epoxy products installed by a reputable company.

Installation Process

In this basement we removed asbestos tiles that were glued down with liquid asphalt. The concrete floor was then grinded down to remove the tar and prepare the surface for the installation of the vapor barrier coating. Right after the first application of epoxy yellow vinyl, flakes were thrown widely in the wet epoxy and were left to stick and dry for the next 24 hours. The next step was to vacuum the loose vinyl flakes off the floor and lightly scrape the floor to flatten the surface. The final step was to apply a clear coat of the epoxy over the vinyl flakes. This gives the floor a smooth finish and covering the flakes prevents them from getting ripped off the floor. In this basement we did not apply any hardener coat over the epoxy because the floor is not used for vehicular traffic. In a garage floor or any vehicular trafficked area, a layer of urethane would need to be applied to harden the surface of the epoxy finish. This last process prolongs the wearing of the floor and also protects it from any UV light coming through the window and doors. Gappsi provides Epoxy floors solutions to all residents on Long Island for both Nassau and Suffolk County NY.

Epoxy Floors installer Serving Nassau & Suffolk County Long Island NY

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Large Free Formed Gunite Swimming Pool Built by Gappsi in Suffolk County Long Island NY

Large Free Formed Gunite Swimming Pool Built by Gappsi in Suffolk County Long Island NYThis gunite swimming pool was built in Coram, NY by Gappsi. The construction design layout, created by Giuseppe Abbrancati, consists of 10 inch walls and an 8 inch floor with 5,000 PSI dry-shot cement mix. The travertine pavers surrounding the pool were installed on 4 inches of poured concrete base and one inch of clean sand. The joints between pavers were filled with polymeric sand.


This gunite swimming pool was built to accommodate the clients wishes. It measures over 1,400 sq ft of surface area, and has a depth going from 46 to 50 inches deep. The Fiorito used for the pool coping and surrounding patio is one of the most beautiful travertine patterns selected from the Gappsi Natural Stone Showroom collection.

The pool design also incorporates a large sundeck that features a jet bubbler. It is entertaining for the kids and also serves as small water fountain feature in the center of the sundeck.


The deep end of the gunite swimming pool contains a free form stairs and bench design. The plaster finish applied on the swimming pool walls is Diamond Brite Tahiti Blue, which is a combination of Tahoe Blue and Super Blue Diamond Brite quartz finishes. 6×6 inch tiles were installed at the water line and 3×3 inch tiles were used as markers at the edges of the steps and benches.

The pool has many options starting with 3 large LED lights in the pool, one small light in the sundeck step, and the bubbler used in the sundeck has a light as well. The entire gunite swimming pool has a full automation system that works from a smart phone, allowing the customer to control the gas heater, salt chlorine generator, and Ozone system. On the outside of the pool, a wood-burning fire pit was built with firebricks and veneered with travertine. And at the deep end, a Inter-Fab X-Stream 2 pool slide was installed.

Letter From Customer 

Our experience with Gappsi began in August., 2017 and it was purely by chance. My husband found their website, and dropped by their business after setting up an appointment with another pool builder down the block from them. Immediately upon walking into their place of business, he received a hospitable reception which gave him the “warm and fuzzy” feeling he likes to get when doing a business transaction. This is his indication of an honest, trustworthy company. And his intuition proved to be right. Having spent months prior doing research, we knew exactly what we wanted, a gunite pool to fit the existing landscape of our nice sized yard. The owner, Giuseppe Abbrancati, came out, took notes and pictures of our yard, and within a week, had computer generated renderings, which we were able to modify on the spot. Giuseppe and his son, Emanuele, did a phenomenal job at giving us exactly what we wanted, instead of trying to sell us on the expensive add-on features that we didn’t want. And what that enabled us to do was go bigger with our free-form design, one of the largest residential gunite pools they had done and at a very reasonable price. The only major hiccup was when their project manager had to be replaced, but once that hurdle was overcome, the newly assigned project manager, Tosh, made sure getting our pool, the gas lines, the electrical, the masonry, the sodding and landscaping were all completed in time for the opening of our pool in June, 2018. We are delighted and thrilled beyond measure at our resort style backyard. We would recommend Gappsi, a family-run business, to all!! Thanks for making our home the “destination stay-cation” of Coram, NY for our family and friends!! Everyone is in awe when they see it!
– Janice Wilkinson

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