Gunite Swimming Pool Renovation


If you’ve been enjoying your pool for several years but want to update the look or add new features, then a gunite swimming pool renovation might be just what your pool needs. At Gappsi, we have a team dedicated specifically to commercial and residential pool needs.  The versatility of a Gunite pool makes it a top choice for homeowners who wish to truly “design” their own swimming pool. Gunite is a mixture of cement and sand sprayed onto contoured and supported surfaces used in the construction of in-ground swimming pools.

How do you know when your pool needs to be resurfaced? Below are the signs to look out for:

  • Your pool has stains and the walls are dirty.
  • The surface of your pool has developed bumps and is rough.
  • There are fissures and cracks along your pool walls.
  • Your pool water level continually drops.

Now there are temporary solutions such as water-proof paint along with acid washes for stains, but these are the equivalent of putting Band-Aids on the problem. It’s more cost-effective to hire a professional to replaster your pool and have it done correctly the first time.

Gunite offers the maximum strength that can currently be found in the swimming pool construction industry.  These materials allow for a more “elevated” level of custom pool design options.  Gunite is a pneumatically applied concrete mixture reinforced with steel rebar.  This is the most effective way of creating a swimming pool from concrete. Gunite is superior to alternative pool construction techniques such as vinyl liner or fiberglass pools in terms of structural strength and design options. It is also a porous concrete mixture that allows for better expansion/contraction tolerance and is less prone to cracking, shifting, translating, or sinking.

Is a gunite pool a good investment?

There are plenty of pros of gunite pools to be aware of. First, they last a long time and don’t take much time, effort, or money to maintain. That fact is the reason why lots of people see gunite pools as being a good investment is because of less future costs.  The life expectancy of a gunite pool depends on the construction.

A poorly built gunite pool certainly has the potential to crack, but a properly built pool can and should last for 100 years or more, with no risk of cracking whatsoever. We’ve been building Gunite pools for more than 30 years and our customers are very satisfied.

Gunite-Swimming-Pool-Renovation1What is the difference between replastering and resurfacing a pool?

Replastering is typically done when the existing plaster has become rough, cracked, or stained. Resurfacing, on the other hand, involves adding a new layer of material on top of the existing pool surface. This can include plaster, aggregate, or tile.  Most often gunite pools need to be resurfaced when stains are inevitable. Often, they are not anything serious, but they can build up and take away the beauty of your pool. Stains usually come from algae, leaves, debris, and chemical, and mineral outputs. If you are unable to clean the stains off then pool resurfacing will do the trick.  The best way to know if it’s time to resurface a pool is to be proactive, observing it constantly so that you’ll notice signs that it’s time to resurface. Mineral stains, gunite exposure, or plaster that’s flaking or falling off are all signs that your pool is in need of work.

Many pool owners ask: “How often do you need to replaster a pool?” on average, a pool needs to be replastered every ten years or so. However, there are several factors that could cause this maintenance to come sooner or last longer.

Can you reshape a gunite pool?

If you’re looking to change the shape of a gunite pool, a significant amount of excavation work is needed. Moreover, multiple areas would need to be excavated and then refilled for this process. In some instances, this process could be costly.

Gunite-Swimming-Pool-RenovationWhy use gunite instead of concrete?

To improve the strength and ductility of poured concrete, it is usually incorporated with wire mesh but sprayed concrete can be combined with steel fiber to increase this. Gunite and shotcrete are typically less expensive than poured concrete.  Shotcrete, “concrete”, and gunite are all basically the same product with variations in strength, inherent water-tightness, and methods of construction.

Gunite Swimming Pool Advantages

  • Gunite is cheaper than shotcrete
  • When applying Gunite you can stop and start the application without creating any weak points
  • Super high strength with low shrinkage
  • You can walk on the wet concrete without disturbing it
  • Gunite is easier to clean up than shotcrete

Gunite Swimming Pool Super Blue Diamond Bright Finish Renovation East Northport NY

This is a gunite swimming pool renovation patio restoration located in East Northport NY. Gappsi installed G045 limestone coping for the pool and Flagstone G045 pavers for the patio. The pool plaster was done with diamond bright super blue and we used porcelain tiles in the water line. All the pool plumbing was redone with new filters and a new salt generator chlorine system. This is the latest Gappsi gunite swimming pool renovation in East Northport NY. 

We specialize in professionally resurfacing commercial and residential gunite pools. From the prepping and pre-plastering to the plastering and finishing touches, we handle the whole process from start to finish.

Contact Gappsi today to set up an appointment. We’ll come out to inspect your pool and give you a free quote.


View Gappsi’s YouTube channel for videos of the Gunite Swimming Pool Renovation

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Everything You Want To Know About Flagstone

Everything-You-Want-To-Know-About-Flagstone3Everything you want to know about Flagstone is right here!  Who doesn’t crave a beautiful compound? Over the years, people have resorted to natural stone for their designs.  Flagstone has grown to be a very efficient go-to when making walkways, garden edges, and patio designs, among others.  Below are some of the most popular questions people ask us at Gappsi when choosing their stone.

Is Flagstone A Good Choice For A Patio?

Is Flagstone A Good Patio Choice? Landscaping with flagstone is one of the best materials for patios primarily due to its narrow packed joints that allow water to permeate instead of running off. Flagstone patios also have a very natural, organic look due to their shape and earthy shades of browns, reds, grays, and blues.

What Colors Look Good With Flagstone?

Flagstone can look, gray, blue, or green, making it a terrific partner for all types of stone and marble. Try pairing it with a cool white to light gray to make its subtle color feel more pronounced. You can compliment and highlight Flagstone’s color with other soft green tones.

Is Flagstone Better Than Pavers?

The Difference between Flagstone vs Pavers – Both flagstone and pavers are popular choices for hardscape design, each with specific benefits. Flagstone is a natural stone frequently used for walkways by people who want a natural or rustic hardscape look. Pavers are a manufactured alternative that works well if you prefer a uniform design.

Everything-You-Want-To-Know-About-Flagstone4Does Fagstone Get Slippery When Wet?

Addressing the challenges of using traditional Flagstone for water areas – Especially, but not limited to, where flagstone is used for pool patio surfacing and poolside surrounds, flagstone can become dangerously slippery when wet, depending on the variation used. This can be a cause for concern where young swimmers are involved and can pose difficulties navigating your walkways after a rain.

Is Flagstone Hot To Walk On?

Deck surfaces consisting of flagstone, bluestone, or other natural stone materials also get hot on hot days, and their surface temperatures in full sun are comparable to those of concrete pavers. At an air temperature of 90 degrees, a flagstone paver will have a surface temperature of about 112 degrees.

What Is The Best Material To Put Under The Flagstone?

It’s best to start with several inches of compacted gravel, followed by a layer of stone dust, also called decomposed granite, or DG. The DG is pulverized stone and contains small pieces along with gravel-size and sand-size particles. The variation in particle sizes allows the material to compact well.

Everything-You-Want-To-Know-About-Flagstone1How Thick Should Flagstone Be For Patio?

Whatever type you choose for your flagstone patio pavers must be at least 2 inches thick to avoid cracking or breaking. A ton of stone covers about 120 square feet; order 5 percent more for breakage. Large stones cover a surface more quickly than smaller pieces but may prove more challenging to move, cut, and design.

How Much Value Does A Flagstone Patio Add?

Does a paver patio add value to a home? The answer is Yes!  When homeowners invest in a paver patio, they can expect extreme durability, minimal maintenance, and you guessed it added value to their home. A patio addition to a home (when done properly) can deliver a return on investment of anywhere between 30% to 60%.

How Long Should A Flagstone Patio Last?

How long will a flagstone patio last? Both materials, flagstone, and pavers, are remarkably durable, lasting up to 10 years under normal conditions. However, for flagstones to last this long, their depth must be suitable for the location where you’re installing them.

Why Do They Call It Flagstone?

Flagstone vs Slate: What’s the Difference?  Flagstone is a broad term used to describe a range of sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. These rocks are called flagstones because they can be easily split into flat segments that are used to pave patio walkways and build rock walls, in addition to other home applications.

How Do You Keep Weeds From Growing Between Flagstone?

Ensure that your paving stones are properly installed to deter weeds. You need a tightly packed sand bed foundation. Once your pavers are in place, fill the spaces between the stones with polymeric sand, which forms an effective barrier to weeds.

Is A Flagstone Patio Cheaper Than A Deck And Which Is Better?

A paving stone patio is a more affordable option if you’re thinking about your costs now, as well as maintenance costs in the future. Installing a patio can be easier, given that you often will not need to get building permits, and might be able to do it yourself without specialty tools.

Everything-You-Want-To-Know-About-Flagstone2Will Flagstone Crack Under Heat?

No, flagstone will not crack under heat. Flagstone is extremely durable and can last centuries, standing up to all forms of extreme climate.

Flagstone Backyard Design In St. James NY

Gappsi’s latest backyard design was in Saint James New York.  Our team did a complete design and installation of a new backyard in Saint James NY.  We installed a random flagstone patio and a base for a Gappsi 50 inches Sorrento style Wood Fired Pizza Oven. The walls were veneered with a natural quartz stone with a rustic look to blend in with the Gappsi ovens’ natural stone finish.

In addition, we installed a 20 x 40 gunite pool with a sunk-down kitchen area including a grill, sink, and refrigerators.  Included with the design are stools for family and friends to sit across the swimming pool.  The pool is equipped with a spa also.  The in-pool spa includes jet-led lights, which we installed on the pool floor.  Jet bubblers were added to the bottom of the pool floor illuminating the pool. Gappsi’s team also installed a set of stairs with a sundeck and bubblers on the sundeck floor.

The pool is equipped with an auto cover that gets rolled into the box under the coping of the pool. The pool coping is G045 Gappsi Limestone. It’s a rock-faced finish and tumbled stone. The entire backyard was also completed with synthetic turf. We installed porcelain tiles for the water line.  The spillover on the spa and steps edges and inside of the pool was plastered with Gulf Stream Hydrazo Quartz polished. The stools were faced with hexagon-shaped tiles and a marble top. Very beautiful layout, and a very functional pool. This is the latest Gappsi Design and installation built in Saint James, Suffolk County, on Long Island NY. The customers are very happy and we wish them to enjoy this backyard for many many more decades to come. 


View Gappsi’s YouTube channel for videos of Everything You Want To Know About Flagstone

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