Inground Pool Bubblers And Water Features

Inground-Pool-Bubblers-And-Water-Features2Inground pool bubblers and water features are optional when designing a pool.  If you are considering a Gappsi pool, a great way to add ambiance and tranquility is to add water and lighting features. The sight and sound of running water take away the stress of everyday life, allowing you to sit back and relax. Cascades, waterfalls, spillovers, bubblers, deck jets, laminars, slides, and diving boards are all ways you can make your experience unique to you. Fiber optic and LED lighting allow you to set the mood, even at night. Whether you have planned a romantic evening, or want to impress your guests with a backyard light show, add-on features allow you to create your backyard retreat. Our partners offer an array of products to choose from.

Water features let you customize your pool or spa in a variety of ways. They can be a single sconce of water or multiple spillways in a raised pool wall, delivering a stream of water into the pool. Water features are single sheets of water called powerfalls or individual raindrops projected into the pool. Each water feature surrounds you with a delightful, ambient sound of water as it moves around. Water features can be fabricated to fit in almost any design. Add a water element to your pool and it turns into a majestic accent.  It is a great add-on to have for a more relaxing and enjoyable backyard experience.  Water features are elegant additions to your backyard.

Inground Pool Bubblers And Water Features

Bubbler Water Features

Bubblers are fun water features that spout up from shallow pool surfaces, like steps, beach entries, or tanning shelves. Combined with the right lighting, they create a fun splash pad for small children and adults alike.

A pool bubbler sends a stream of bubbling water to the surface of the pool creating a mini geyser-like column of water.   The shallow end of a pool is the perfect place to place one. You can choose bubblers that have standard or color-changing lights built in. Like waterfalls, bubblers add a relaxing and natural sound to your pool.

Inground-Pool-Bubblers-And-Water-Features1Stream Sprays

Add visual and physical impact by adding a stream spray.  Stream sprays project water into the pool.  The stream spray shoots upward and then falls to the surface. On the surrounding pool decking or shoot out of the sidewall of the pool the jets are installed. Kids and adults will appreciate the visual aesthetic.  The interactive experience it brings as it consistently streams jets of water from its spray.

Deck Jets & Laminar Jets

Deck Jets are playful, sparkling arcs of water that shoot out of your pool deck or surrounding landscaping. In the daytime, they catch the sunlight and add shimmering effects to your pool. In turn, laminar jets, lit with colorful LED lights, give a dramatic effect to your nighttime pool.  Jets rotate through a range of colors and shooting patterns with automated controls.


Waterfalls give your pool a nature-inspired vibe, as well as they are very popular with kids and adults. Our custom-designed waterfalls utilize natural rocks in conjunction with artistically constructed faux stonework to create a lush natural look that perfectly complements the surrounding areas. The visual and auditory impact of the sound of water smoothly flowing down makes for a truly relaxing experience.

The addition of a rock waterfall to your swimming pool will enhance its beauty and create a pleasant environment. Not only are waterfalls beautiful, but water falling over rocks or tiles creates a sound that is soothing as well as meditative. We can even increase your waterfall’s fun factor by combining it with a slide, grotto, or both.

Inground-Pool-Bubblers-And-Water-FeaturesLaminar Streams

Laminar Streams are translucent arcs of water that stream from the pool deck or surrounding landscape. They can go as high as 7 feet or more before landing in a pool, spa, or other water feature. These streams arc across the swimming pool, adding an elegant and unique visual experience to your poolscape. At night, the LED lighting makes them glow and even more enchanting to watch.

Sheer Descents & Scuppers

A sheer descent is a type of waterfall feature. They can be adjusted to create a range of water effects from a rushing mountain waterfall to a silent, glass-like sheet of water. Like sheer descents, scuppers are cascades typically installed on sheer walls bordering swimming pools and raised spas. The constant flow of scuppers helps to control the overflow of water out of your spa or pool keeping the water level as well.  Like sheer descents, they can act as a waterfall, spitting spout, a bubbling brook, and more.

If you’re going to build a custom swimming pool why not give it the features that make it unique? From the sights of special lighting and “natural” features to the soothing sounds of bubblers, jets, rock waterfalls, or a rope swing. The extras will take your custom in-ground pool to the next level, making it the best spot in your home for lounging, entertaining and just getting away from it all.


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