Outdoor Kitchen Designed and Built by Gappsi in Setauket, NY.

Outdoor Kitchen Designed and Built by Gappsi in Setauket, NY.Gappsi provides masonry construction in Setauket, NY and all of Long Island. This outdoor cooking island was constructed with cement block walls and veneered with natural stones. The counter top is tan brown granite, the twin eagle grill is in the center and the sitting areas are on both sides. The right side is in the shape of a circle as a table can sit several chairs around it; the left side has a two-level area with a higher back for taller stools, the bar area matching the sitting wall was built around the main table with light piers on each side, and it was capped with rock-faced bluestones. The patio pavers installed are tumbled Nicolock village pavers in Adobe Blend and the paver joints are filled with polymeric sand and sealed.
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Masonry Designer Contractor in Setauket, NY.

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Masonry Contractor Setauket Long Island NYDriveways Contractor | Designer | Company | Setauket NY

Gappsi Designed and installed this Nicolock driveway in Setauket NY
11733, 11777, 11790, using combinations 6×6 and 6×9 rustico craborchiard tumbled stones. Installation was done on oversized rca and fine sand, for more information’s about driveways pavers installations and designs , please call 631-543-1177 or visit Gappsi.com for more information’s about Gappsi products and services


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Landscape Backyard Designers in Setauket long island NY

Landscape Backyard Designers in Setauket long island NYWhen the client decided to create an entertaining backyard. They contacted us to design a backyard paradise. We discussed many ideas and looked at different layouts. Working together we designed a plan that gave the clients what we were looking for at a budget they could afford. We put ideas in to a 3D layout so the clients could see what the project was going to look like. The project construction began with building the swimming pool, then the masonry work and a very functional pool house, where the clients eat dinner all summer long. The project included a hot tub and fire pit to keep backyard fun going all year long and it also included a half-court basketball court which they use all the time.

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Versa Basketball Court Built In Setauket Long Island By Gappsi

Versa Basketball Court Built In Setauket Long Island By GappsiLong Islands Gappsi Team has done it again! No worries about over crowed parks now you can have your very own exclusive recreational center steps away from the comfort of your home. In this photo you see a blue and grey Versa court customized by the homeowner himself. The great thing about the Versa courts is that you have the option to get creative designing your own game lines, layouts, colors and even logos. “Hey, the balls in your court!” What Gappsi Group did specifically was start off with a reinforced concrete base giving a nice even smooth surface to work on as well as rearranging the drainage on the property. Not a one man job! The outdoor court tiles are an interlocking system made from a polyethylene material that is both weather proof and crack resistant with a 25-30 year life expectancy. The Versa tiles have a special shock absorbent attribute that helps relieve stress on the body’s joints and lower back. Gappsi conveniently placed Metal Halide Lights for those long nights whether you’re practicing or finishing off a neighborhood tournament. The Versa tiles are 50% cooler than concrete and asphalt so they are kid friendly if you have interest in doing a children’s playground. Nice and soft for those falls and parents the low maintenance up keep compared to those dirt, sand or wood fiber play areas. Need an indoor court? No problem! The indoor tiles have more of a smooth surface that reflects light giving off a nice shiny appearance. There are a wide variety of other sporting courts and uses for the Versa tiles just call and ask! Stay active Long Island by forfeiting that unused space in your yard or home and let the Gappsi team be in the game!

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