Sports Game Courts For HOA

Sports-Game-Courts-For-HOA1Gappsi specializes in the design and development of fun and unique amenities like Sports Game Courts for HOA – Home Owner Associations. With a Mateflex multi-sport game court, your community can play tennis, shoot hoops, and play shuffleboard, all on the same surface. Using any combination of our wide selection of color options, as well as customizable logos, graphics, and text, we can develop a truly unique court solution that gives your community that wow factor.

Many potential homebuyers take the time to check out the community in which they are looking to purchase a house. They may ask existing residents about the HOA, spend time in the community and meet some of the neighbors. When residents have positive feelings toward an HOA or neighborhood, homes or condos become more attractive to individuals in the market to buy or rent. Events make it easier to meet their neighbors and provide the opportunity to develop a strong sense of community.

Bocce Sports Game Courts In HOA

Bocce is a fantastic way to spend quality time with friends and neighbors. It is fun to play, and it encourages healthy social interaction and friendly competition. Bocce also comes with many healthful perks. It helps to relieve stress and is not a physically demanding sport. It aids in the kind of light activity which allows seniors to maintain independence and mobility as they age. The friendly competition also helps us to focus while we learn how to aim and toss a bocce ball.

East Setauket Manors HOA offers a multi-player bocce ball court. It encourages friendships and a sense of being. Bocce contributes to our quality of life and health. They invite all their residents to learn more about the new favorite spot and join the fun on the courts.

Sports-Game-Courts-For-HOABocce Ball Tips And Tricks

Interested in utilizing bocce ball courts but don’t know how to play? We have you covered!

Get a Grip

The right grip is the key to making a good toss in the game of bocce ball. Before releasing the ball, spread your fingers out evenly around the ball to support its weight, and make sure to not apply any pressure with your thumb. Your thumb should only be used to guide the direction of the ball.

Activities And Events For Residents

A bonded neighborhood is a plus for any community and potential home buyers. Whether the majority of the community owns or rents an apartment or a house, unity within these types of communities is appealing. This makes improvements and maintenance for common areas like recreation centers, parks, and pools critical for HOAs. HOA managers can consider opportunities to develop a close-knit neighborhood, such as providing community events and activities.

Creating opportunities for an enjoyable experience within a community doesn’t need to be complicated. Following are some simple resident and community development ideas:

Establish Community Events – Don’t underestimate the value of an active HOA with a friendly community. Many potential homebuyers or future tenants desire to live in a neighborhood with an HOA where there are planned activities and events to socialize and have fun. Ideas include:

  • Pool parties
  • Shuffleboard tournaments
  • Barbecues
  • Wine tastings
  • Dance lessons
  • Yoga and Tai Chi classes

Sports-Game-Courts-For-HOA2Outdoor Shuffleboard Sports Game Courts In HOA’s

Outdoor shuffleboard is played on an outdoor court that is 52 feet long. Discs that are 6 inches in diameter and weigh about 1 lb. are slid down the court into scoring areas. Each end of the court has a scoring area in the shape of a triangle. The tip of the triangle is worth 10 points, the next two zones are worth eight points, and the farthest zones are worth seven points. The first team to 75 points wins.

Mateflex shuffleboard courts are engineered to be the flattest, tightest fitting, and most rigid court tile on the market, designed to remain flat throughout the entire surface of the court. In addition, the unique surface profile texture provides the perfect gliding surface for shuffleboard discs and offers consistent performance for competitive as well as recreational play.

Benefits Of Court Tiles

  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to clean with broom, hose, or leaf blower
  • Backed by Warranty
  • Superior Grip
  • Unique surface profile offers superior grip and traction
  • Tile surface stays up to 50% cooler than concrete or asphalt
  • Unmatched Durability
  • Will stand up to aggressive play and harsh weather conditions
  • Wide Selection of Tile Colors
  • Tile is available in a wide variety of color options
  • Completely Customizable
  • Add your favorite game lines, designs, and logos
  • A suspended Surface provides forgiveness for players’ knees, joints, and lower backs

East Setauket Manors HOA –  Bocce Ball & Shuffleboard Sports Game Courts

We installed two bocce courts and two shuffleboards in East Setauket NY at East Setauket Manors HOA apartment complex. Gappsi built and installed two bocce courts side by side.  Each Bocce Ball Sports Game Court was constructed using bocce grass and pressure treated lumbers for the walls along with a recycled concrete base. At the beginning of the courts and in between the courts we installed synthetic turf which blends in with the real grass; it is almost hard to tell them apart.

Gappsi uses very realistic synthetic turf with beautiful realistic colors and pile height. It’s also very dense. It’s 90 ounces per sqft of synthetic grass. Which also used to divide the two courts and in between the shuffleboards and the bocce courts. The shuffle courts were built with poured concrete slabs. We finished them very smoothly and swept them with white. We kept the color of the natural concrete color. The project came out very nicely. The clients are very happy and are making very good use of both shuffleboards and bocce courts. As I said it’s almost hard to tell the difference between synthetic turf and real grass they look very very similar.


View Gappsi’s YouTube channel for videos of Sports Game Courts For HOA


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Shuffleboard Court Construction in Nassau & Suffolk County

Shuffleboard court designers
An outdoor shuffleboard court by Gappsi

Are you thinking of investing in an outdoor shuffleboard court? Gappsi has seasoned shuffleboard court designers who can install high-quality custom sports game courts at reasonable rates. Before we delve into the service our professional installers offer, let’s look at what shuffleboard is.

What Is Shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard or shovelboard is a sport where you shove disks with a stick or hand to land them inside a scoring area on the shuffleboard court or table. This game gained popularity in England in the early 15th century. Back then, the aristocracy called it shovegroat or shovel-penny. An iteration of shuffleboard, shove-ha’penny is a table game still operational in English pubs.

While there is no consensus on the origin of shuffleboard, earlier iterations of it are from England. This sport continued to evolve and reached the American colonies. As shuffleboard grew in popularity, its rules and form of play continued to evolve. It was introduced in Florida in 1913 as a sport played on land. It became so popular that it spread throughout the U.S. and gained the most traction in retirement communities.

Today, people play an overhauled version of this old indoor game on ocean liners and cruises as a deck game. It employs courts of custom designs marked on the ship deck. They also have multiple lined sessions for play. Players play modern shuffleboard in two forms – outdoor and indoor shuffleboard. They have varied rules for play and scoring.

The National Shuffleboard Association adopted the rules of outdoor shuffleboard. Moreover, the association defined the court size and shape. The courts are 6 by 52 feet, and the wood disks are 1 by 6 inches. Typically, the shuffleboard courts have a concrete or terrazzo construction. Two or four people can play the sport as singles or doubles.

Gappsi Has Expert Shuffleboard Court Designers

Gappsi has years of sports court construction experience. We design custom courts based on our client’s specifications and the zoning laws in their neighborhood. Our contractors have designed multiple basketball, volleyball, badminton, bocce, and shuffleboard courts in Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.

Shuffleboard court designers
An outdoor shuffleboard court by Gappsi

Standard Shuffleboard Court Construction

A standard shuffleboard court is rectangular and 52 feet long by 6 or 10 feet wide. Both ends feature a baseline and a triangle with five segments, and we mark each section with a specific number of points. The court also has an area toward both ends. It is marked “10 off.” The middle section of the court is usually 12 feet long. Each player or doubles gets a set of colored disks, usually black and yellow, but red and black are popular choices. Every player also gets a cue, which can be 6 feet long. Gappsi’s shuffleboard court designers can install this standard court on your property.

Why Choose Gappsi for Your Shuffleboard Court Installation

When selecting a shuffleboard court contractor, always ensure they are licensed for new construction in your neighborhood. Gappsi operates regularly in all neighborhoods across Long Island, NY. Our shuffleboard court suppliers and installers are meticulous about the design, installation, specs, and other details.

Moreover, our court contractors have the expertise to design all types of custom sports courts for residential and commercial properties. Whether you need a court for your home, school, gym, park, office, recreational club, etc., we will design the shuffleboard court per your specifications.

Additionally, the professionals at Gappsi are always ready to answer your questions and appease your queries. We base our designs on your request, location, court size, and other specifications. Our shuffleboard court designers will include you throughout the process and construct the court as quickly as possible.

At Gappsi, we can adjust the size of the shuffleboard court to suit your particular needs while maintaining accurate play. We can design the court to give you more freedom for movement. Furthermore, our court installers will ensure the surface has a slight slope on either side. It will ensure water does not remain on the playing surface and can drain away quickly. Lastly, we will ensure the court is installed on time and that the installation cost is within your budget.

FAQs About Our Shuffleboard Court Construction

Here are some popular questions we get from clients interested in our shuffleboard court design service:

Shuffleboard court installer

A shuffleboard court by Gappsi in Long Island, NY

What Dimensions Should I Choose for My Shuffleboard Court?

Official shuffleboard courts in the U.S. are 52 feet long and 6 feet wide. However, you are free to choose the dimensions that suit your landscape. If you select us for shuffleboard court construction, we will assess your space and provide you with appropriate court dimensions.

What Materials Do You Use to Construct the Court?

Typically, our shuffleboard court designers excavate the surface for shuffleboard construction. Then, we have a level concrete subsurface to suit your chosen dimensions. Concrete is the ideal hard surface needed for optimal shuffleboard performance. We will also prime, paint, and seal the surface. It will protect the playing area so that you can use it for years. The finish will ensure the court remains weather-resistant for a long time.

How Do You Apply the Court Lines?

We use a stencil and bright acrylic paint to apply the lines after priming the concrete. Even though white is the standard color for court lines and the court surface is typically green, you can choose a custom color combination.

What Sort of Maintenance Will the Court Require?

You must clean the concrete court with power washing when it’s too dirty. However, regular mopping with mild soapy water will keep it clean. If your court has damaged parts, we can repair them quickly before the rest of the court caves or cracks.

Schedule your professional shuffleboard court construction consultation today, contact Gappsi today!



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