Pickleball Courts at Home Increase Home Values | Glen Head NY

pickleball-courts-at-home-increase-home-values-glen-head-nyPickleball courts at home increase home values for homeowners who are constantly on the lookout to boost their property’s resale value.  Investing in recreational amenities, particularly a tennis or pickleball court, can be a game changer.

His and her sinks, open floor plans, and pools used to be the hottest trends in real estate.  Then the trend was signature golf courses and beach clubs.  Now all eyes are on pickleball courts. These days, if you want to sell your house, build a pickleball court. That’s right. A recent spike in keyword search data from Zillow shows pickleball courts are the hot new commodity people want in a new place to live.

What Real Estate Agents Are Saying

Real estate agents are witnessing a trend where homeowners are reconfiguring their spaces to accommodate pickleball courts.  They are even converting driveways or repurposing existing sports facilities on ultra-luxury properties.  Pickleball courts at home increase home values.

As a homeowner when you add a pickleball court you immediately boost your property value.   Adding a tennis or pickleball court to a property is similar to upgrading a kitchen or bathroom – it can provide an instant boost in value.  The logic is simple: recreational spaces are attractive features that potential buyers are willing to pay extra for.

Pickleball is a popular sport across various age groups and demographics.  The USA Pickleball Association notes a surge in the sport’s popularity. Homes equipped with courts cater to a broad audience, potentially speeding up the sale process.  It allows homeowners and their families to engage in a fun, healthy activity without leaving their property.

Pickleball Sports Game Courts Impact on Landscape and Space

It is essential to consider the overall impact on the landscape. A well-designed court can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property. Strategic placement and landscaping around the court can create a serene, resort-like ambiance. However, homeowners must ensure they have ample space so that the court doesn’t feel cramped or diminish the utility of the backyard.
While adding a pickleball court is a significant investment, the benefits of property value, lifestyle upgrades, and potential income make it a worthy consideration.

What are the different types of Pickleball Court playing surfaces and which one is right for you?

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Mateflex Court Tiles

If you’ve decided to improve your space with a pickleball court, the next step is to find a style that supports your desired level of play. If joint protection and beginner-friendly playability are the priorities for your outdoor court, our versatile Mateflex Court Tile surface is the way to go. Asphalt and concrete courts provide the reliable and durable surface performance you need if you’re searching for high-velocity ball bounce and tournament-level player traction.  Check out our design gallery of Sports Game Courts.

pickleball-courts-at-home-increase-home-values-glen-head-ny1Why Choose Asphalt Court Surfaces

Fast installation: One of the main advantages of using an asphalt surface for pickleball courts is the quick installation. Asphalt can be laid in a matter of days, allowing for a fast turnaround time for court construction. This is particularly advantageous for those who want to have their pickleball court ready for use as soon as possible.

Less costly: Asphalt is less expensive than other court materials such as concrete or clay, making it a more budget-friendly option.

Easily maintained: Asphalt surfaces are relatively easy to maintain, which is important for a pickleball court with frequent use. Regular sweeping and cleaning can help to keep the court free of debris while sealing every couple of years can help to protect the surface from weathering and cracking. Any necessary repairs can be easily made by filling in cracks or holes with asphalt patching material.

Weather-resistant: Asphalt can withstand various weather conditions without becoming damaged or deteriorating.

Why Choose a Concrete Court

Durability: Concrete surfaces are incredibly durable and can withstand heavy use. It lasts longer than asphalt. This makes them an ideal choice for pickleball courts with a lot of activity. Concrete surfaces are also resistant to weathering, which helps to extend their lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.

Low maintenance: Concrete surfaces require minimal maintenance. Regular sweeping and cleaning can help to keep the court free of debris, while periodic sealing can help to protect the surface from weathering and staining. Any necessary repairs needed can be easily made by filling in cracks or holes with concrete patching material.

Cost-effective: While the initial installation cost may be higher than asphalt, the long-term durability and low maintenance requirements of concrete can help to reduce costs over time.

pickleball-courts-at-home-increase-home-values-glen-head-ny2Why Choose Mateflex Sports Game Court Tiles

Sports game court tiles are eco-friendly tiles that can be installed over most existing floor surfaces to provide a variety of game courts. These sports tiles are water-resistant making them the perfect choice for both indoor courts and outdoor courts. These tiles are also available in a variety of color combinations and textures so you can create a unique look.

Versatility – One of the key strengths of sports game court tiles is their adaptability. They can be installed over various base materials, including concrete and asphalt, making them an ideal choice for facilities that host multiple sports. This versatility extends to both indoor and outdoor settings, accommodating sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball, and more. The ability to quickly convert and adapt these spaces is particularly beneficial for multi-purpose sports complexes.

Maintenance – Sports game court tiles are designed for ease of maintenance. Unlike traditional court surfaces that may require specialized maintenance routines, these tiles can be cleaned with simple, non-abrasive cleaning solutions. This ease of upkeep not only saves time but also reduces the long-term maintenance costs associated with sports flooring.

Ultimately, the right material surface type for your outdoor pickleball court comes down to preference and available budget. We take the time to compare each surface type in detail and provide everything from foundation preparation to the finishing touches like net placement and striping. With every custom court, we create, you can expect transparent pricing, organized guidance, and a willingness to adapt to your specific needs and requests with courtesy and experience.

Pickleball Court Built in Glen Head NY

Gappsi recently built a pickleball sports game court in Glen Head NY. The Pickleball court was installed using a recycled concrete base and three and a half inches (3 1/2 inches) of compacted asphalt, then painted with California Sports Surfaces court paint.

We used a dark blue for the Pickleball court area and a dark green for the out-of-bounce area. The court was striped with white lines to finish it.  

We installed an adjustable Dominator multisport court netting. For this application, we adjusted the net for Pickleball. The client wanted the court to be just for Pickleball.  However, the extension can always be added to adjust the netting to be badminton or volleyball.

Our team installed an all-aluminum adjustable Dominator basketball hoop. The Dominator Hoop is a professional-grade, in-ground basketball hoop perfect for your home driveway, backward, playground, or more.

The landscape for the court was designed to resemble an English garden with boxwood edging that was installed all around the perimeter of the Pickleball Sports Court.  This is the latest sports court built by Gappsi in Glen Head located in Nassau County NY.


View Gappsi’s YouTube Channel for Videos of Pickleball Courts at Home Increase Home Values | Glen Head NY

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Old Tennis Court Conversion to Multisport Court Pickleball & Putting Green | Ridge NY

old-tennis-court-conversion-to-multisport-courtCheck out our recent tennis court conversion to a multisport court that has been revitalized!  This is an old tennis court in Leisure Knoll in Ridge Long Island NY. The entire court is being remodeled and converted into a multisport game court. Our team at Gappsi will first start with pressure washing the tennis court.  This process reveals many potholes allowing water to sit.  This often leads to further concrete cracking or foundation structural issues. Puddled areas, or low spots, can also be a trip hazard if they have sunk enough to affect the players’ footing.

Old Tennis Court Conversion to Pickleball 

As we prepare the courts to re-level the potholes the tennis courts’ netting is removed first. The new tennis court is built using synthetic turf. This method of tennis court construction is a new process here in the United States, but it has been used in Italy and Europe for many years.  Synthetic turf reduces the need for constant maintenance due to cracking and delamination of hard concrete or asphalt courts. Due to the drainage capabilities of synthetic turf, there is less puddling and damage to the courts. Also, there is less downtime due to inclement weather when it occurs.   

Pickleball has been the fastest-growing sport in America for the past three years.  We are going to split the old tennis court in half. On one side will be 3 Pickleball Courts, and a putting green, with the other half a tennis court. 

The multisport game courts will use polypropylene tiles and synthetic turf for the putting green. This is a major transformation for the tennis court area.   Our team are renovation experts.  We understand the importance of minimizing the destruction of the surrounding areas.   Leisure Knolls had an existing fence and landscaping surrounding the courts which were utilized as we maintained minimal destruction during the renovation process.

old-tennis-court-conversion-to-multisport-court1Multisports Game Courts in Ridge NY

Just like magic, we converted the two old tennis courts into an all-new sports game court area for the Leisure Knolls community.  In addition to the 3 pickleball courts and tennis court, we installed a putting green in the back corner and an all-new synthetic turf area for the kids to play on.

Our installation included Mateflex sports tiles for the surface of the courts. Once in place, this sophisticated, state-of-the-art system of cross ribs affords a completely flat play surface that puts a spring into every step, improves comfort on the court, reduces fatigue and leg stress, and heightens play. Super-fast drying time after rainfall gets your athletes back on the court quicker and the low-glare surface keeps their focus on the game. All courts are not created equal. For the best possible modular flooring solutions for your professional, commercial, or home pickleball court, trust Gappsi.

old-tennis-court-conversion-to-multisport-court2Our team used a dark blue and a lighter blue tile with white stripes for the pickleball court inserts. In the remaining area, we used a dark green tile and surrounded all the courts with a synthetic turf fringe. Each court has a multisport netting installed, which is adjustable for different sports played on the courts.  A player can use the space to play pickleball, badminton, or volleyball simply by adjusting the net for the game.

Tennis Court Sports Game Turf

For the tennis court flooring, we installed synthetic turf. The sports turf used is specifically made for tennis courts.  Synthetic turf reduces the need for constant maintenance due to cracking and delamination of hard concrete or asphalt courts. Artificial grass tennis courts require little to no maintenance compared to natural grass surfaces, which require continual care of watering, mowing, and fertilizers. Synthetic grass tennis courts provide a softer and even playing surface, for your feet and joints! Our highly durable synthetic grass tennis courts allow you to enjoy the game of tennis year-round with the fast-drying turf.

Made from a special blend of fiber, Gappsi’s synthetic grass courts provide a safe, family-friendly surface that brings tennis back to how it was played for the better part of a century. It can be installed over any sound base including:

  • An existing tennis court that has been cleaned and sealed
  • A concrete or asphalt slab
  • A crushed stone aggregate base – ideal for areas with impervious surfacing laws

Artificial grass tennis courts will not crack or split like traditional hard court surfaces. For homeowners and facility operators who are tired of the short lifespans of traditional hard court surfaces, Gappsi’s artificial grass tennis courts offer an effective alternative to building or resurfacing a tennis court.

We used a dark blue turf with a blue infill for the tennis court inlay. The surrounding area is synthetic turf with green infill. We installed one foot wide of taller turf as a fringe to define the sports game courts and enhance the fenced area.

old-tennis-court-conversion-to-multisport-court4Synthetic Turf – Artificial Grass – Fake Grass

This synthetic turf is manufactured in Italy and Gappsi is a supplier and installer of sports game courts with synthetic turf. We divided the courts with an out-of-bounce netting. This netting is primarily used to prevent the balls from going across one court to another. This is Gappsi`s multisport design and construction for the Leisure Knoll in Ridge NY.

We believe tennis-to-pickleball court conversion is a positive development for the sport and local clubs.  They add value to our local communities. For those who want complete court construction, we offer a variety of surfaces and amenities that will supply years of enjoyment for pickleball or tennis players. We provide the same great color combinations that are available for tennis courts.

For clients interested in adding a pickleball court to their sports amenities or want to add pickleball court lines to existing tennis courts for maximum value and usage from court space, contact Gappsi today!


View Gappsi’s YouTube Channel for Videos of Tennis Court Conversion to Multisport Court Ridge NY

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Bocce Ball Sports Game Courts Big Impact

Bocce-Ball-Sports-Game-Courts-Big-Impact1Create a big impact on your property with Bocce Ball Sports Game Courts.

Backyards are a place where families and friends experience life together. They’ve become the go-to area for socializing, games, and activities. With the help of Gappsi Group, you can improve your backyard into a place everyone wants to gather.  Bocce’s rise in popularity over the years is based on its social nature and ease of play.

Do you have some space in your backyard where you want to create some type of entertainment feature? You’re not a golfer, you don’t want to play tennis, you don’t want to play basketball. Sports game courts are fun things to build and have on your property.  Let’s talk about bocce ball sports courts for a second. Bocce ball has been around for many years and it is a great game especially when you have a party with your family.  The game is fun, interactive, and entertaining.

Bocce Ball Sports Game Courts Big Impact

Bocce courts have already made a big impact on replacing, or have made great additions to, tennis courts, sports courts, putting greens, shuffleboard courts, and croquet as the choice of the “backyard sport.” It is a sport that all ages can play and enjoy.

Bocce can be played on almost any flat surface, which makes this sport so enjoyable.  The best surface to play on is one that has minimal bounce in addition to no grade so the balls don’t end up assembling in one spot during play. Other important considerations are maintenance and drainage. Bocce Ball Sports Courts often constructed using compacted rock, sod, or sand;  when a court constructed like this it often drains poorly and becomes bumpy or uneven. A Gappsi bocce court using synthetic turf is arguably the ideal choice with the look and feel of real grass. Synthetic turf bocce courts are maintenance-free, allow for fast, bounce-free ball handling, and are cooler and cleaner underfoot.

It’s a pretty picture: friends and family gathered around your new rectangular court on a lovely summer’s evening, as warm conversation, clinking glasses, and knocking bocce balls score the scene in early twilight. If you’re beguiled by bocce’s seductive charms and want to bring the game home, here are eight elements of design and construction to know before planning your own backyard bocce court.


Before you begin building your Bocce Ball Sports Court, determine your expectations for your bocce court. Are you looking to simply enjoy a few rolls?  If so, you only need a flat surface, a little space, and good company. But if a regulation sporting experience is what you’re after, there’s a lot more design planning that goes into it.

The space requirement is the first detail to consider in your design.  I’ve seen bocce courts sized modestly, at around 45 feet long by 8 feet wide in some cases, but that’s a cramped court and play can feel restricted. One of the game’s true joys is conceiving plays into lengthy arrangements, then watching rolls progress into their depths.

A regulation bocce court is 91 feet by 13 feet, and the closer to that size you construct yours, the more authentic your experience will be. If possible, I recommend a minimum sizing of 70 feet by 10 feet.

Bocce-Ball-Sports-Game-Courts-Big-ImpactBenefits Of A Turf Bocce Ball Court

Bocce can be played on various court surfaces, such as clay, stone dust, dirt, grass, or artificial surface. However, while these are all good options, we recommend using an artificial turf surface. Below are some benefits:

  • Artificial turf is aesthetically pleasing, similar to grass.
  • A natural surface, such as clay or dirt, requires additional materials and rakes to keep a smooth surface, whereas, artificial turf is very low maintenance with little to no upkeep.
  • The turf is flat which will allow the balls to roll. Overall, enhancing the strategy of the game.

Turf Bocce Ball Sports Game Courts Installation

If the idea of a 90 ft. court in your backyard scares you, don’t worry! Bocce ball is great because the court size can be determined by personal preference! Whatever size you choose, Gappsi will ensure the following:

  • All vegetation and debris are removed and cleared from the desired court area.
  • A base layer of rocks is leveled. It is important to ensure there are no dips or bumps for even court. Alternatively, we can install a base layer of concrete.
  • Install turf on top of the rock layer. Gappsi’s synthetic turf is a great option for your sports game court. if using a concrete base, our turf is an ideal addition because of its draining properties. As a result, water won’t get stagnant and impact gameplay.
  • Add a wood or contrasting turf border to your court to help define the area and stop any rollaway balls.
  • Bocce ball is a great yard game to play with friends and family of all ages. If you’re looking for a low-fuss activity in your backyard, this might be the option for you! If you have any questions about how to install a bocce court, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bocce Ball Court Built In East Moriches Suffolk County NY

Bocce court built in East Moriches Suffolk County NY. We built the court over a recycled concrete base and bocce grass over blue stone dust. The sides of the court were built with pressure-treated lumber and painted in gray to match the rest of the backyard, the house, and the fence. We installed lighting on the side walls that will light up the court at night. A very beautiful backyard setting. The bocce court is positioned on one side of the backyard. Leaving the rest of the backyard area for the pool, pavilions, and other amenities. That is a bocce court built by Gappsi. 


View Gappsi’s YouTube Channel For Videos On Bocce Ball Sports Games Courts


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Bocce Ball Sports Game Courts On Long Island

Bocce Ball Courts Company | Long Island NY

Bocce Ball Sports Courts On Long Island are an activity that the whole family can enjoy in the backyard.  The best part about the sport is that it can be played by people of all ages and skill levels.

Gappsi creates low-maintenance and appealing courts while also reducing risk and fall injuries.  Our synthetic sports game court turf products provide safe, comfortable, and high-performance artificial grass surfaces for a variety of recreational activities. Gappsi uses a rubberized underlay that meets ASTM Fall Height Standards.  The rubberized underlay used is to lessen the impact of an unexpected fall. In addition, Gappsi only uses the highest-grade synthetic turf for the most realistic and practical alternative to grass on the market today.

Improve The Look And Feel Of Your Bocce Ball Sports Courts!

Gappsi Bocce Ball Sports Game Courts are a great, maintenance-friendly synthetic grass approach to the sport of Bocce. Our courts provide true ball roll for your private residential courts or commercial development courts.

For those unfamiliar with the game of bocce, it is one of the world’s oldest sports, discovered over 5,000 years ago, starting with Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.” An impressive pedigree like that is just one more reason to give bocce a chance, but here are a few more: it’s low-impact, multigenerational, can take place on a variety of surfaces, and it’s even a wheelchair-accessible sport.

Did you know that Bocce Ball or Italian lawn bowling as many know it is one of the most widely played games in the world?  It is also one of the oldest lawn or yard games. Best known in Italy, where you may see a group of retired Sicilians gathered in a town square for a daily afternoon game, bocce has been gaining popularity in the United States and other locations.

Regulation Bocce Court Mount Sinai Long Island NYBocce Ball Sports Courts On Long Island

Incorporating engaging outdoor activities at your brewery, apartment complex or workplace helps create community. When you have a thriving community that translates to higher sales, more long-term rentals, happier employees, or whatever your end goal for your facility is. It makes sense. But it’s tricky to choose just the right game.

Bocce Ball is just the right blend of intriguing and easy-to-play for a range of ages.  Finding the right outdoor game that doesn’t require much upkeep is perfect for a property manager. The sport of Bocce ball hits all the marks.  It is simple to learn, the surface is accessible for all levels, and it’s easy on your maintenance team.

Gappsi offers the design and complete installation of bocce ball courts. We offer many alternatives to our clients, from a basic package to a premium and deluxe bocce ball sports game courts option. Our Basic Bocce Ball Sports Game Court is constructed with 6×6 pressure-treated railroad ties, a brushed concrete base, and 2 inches of bluestone dust.  Constructing the Bocce Ball Court this way requires the most maintenance.  The bluestone-angled rocks trap flowers, needles, and leaves. Additionally, each year the bluestone dust requires respreading.

Gappsi is a bocce ball sports game courts company!  We have built many projects over the years.  Our experience enables us to create bocce ball courts to fit any budget. Our premium bocce courts are built with 6×6 pressure-treated railroad ties, a recycled concrete base, and standard synthetic turf. Building the Bocce Ball Court with these materials is more expensive than the Basic Court.  The cost is higher to build this court, but it is easier to maintain.  When leaves and other debris fall on the court the court can be easily cleaned off using a blower.

Bocce Ball | Courts | Designers | Builders | Suppliers | Long Island NYRegulation Size Bocce Ball Courts

Are you looking to build a Bocce Ball Sports Court?  Gappsi is the company that can build the best court in your backyard. Our deluxe bocce court is the ultimate experience and is at the level for professionals to use. Our exclusive bocce turf is made especially for Gappsi and provides the best game experience. It requires no maintenance and also comes with personalized engraved bocce balls.  In addition, the sports court includes 2 putting green holes on each end of the court. The regulation size bocce court is 13 x 90, but a bocce court can be any size. We build some residential bocce courts to 10 x 60 ft long because of yard size. If you are in need of a bocce ball court company, Gappsi is the company for you.

Gappsi provides high-quality bocce courts with a low-maintenance synthetic turf surface. Since the bocce turf is installed on a concrete pad, it is playable throughout the year. The turf surface provides a consistent roll, never requiring raking or rolling. We offer residential and commercial Bocce Sports Game Courts solutions on Long Island NY. Gappsi bocce sports game courts construction is available in Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island. We offer various base and surface materials for bocce court floors.  Flooring options include bluestone dust, synthetic turf, clay, and our own exclusive crushed marble dust. Gappsi Bocce Sports Game Courts are built to suit and satisfy any application criteria, and professional specifications for recreational activity.


View Gappsi’s YouTube channel for videos of Bocce Sports Game Courts Projects

We offer Bocce Sports Game Courts design and construction throughout LI.  The following areas of Eastern Long Island, Western Long, Island, and North and South Shore Long Island.  In addition, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Glen Cove, Hempstead, North Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Babylon, Huntington, Islip, Smithtown, and Brookhaven.  Southampton, Riverhead, East Hampton, Southold, Old Brookville, Old Westbury.  Mill Neck, Nissequogue, Lloyd Harbor, Muttontown, Coldspring Harbor, East Norwich, and both Nassau and Suffolk County.  In addition, Gappsi provides all the following products and services: Landscape DesigningSwimming poolsHome RemodelingSports Game CourtsOutdoor AppliancesPavingstone Cleaning and SealingHoliday LightsEpoxy FloorsShrink Wrap ServicesLandscapeMasonryNatural StoneGraniteMarbleTravertineLimestonePorcelain.

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Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner Pool In Centereach NY

Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner Pool In Centereach NY

Gappsi designed a 20 x 40 Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner Pool located in Centereach NY.  The concrete walls are naturally of cement, but the floor is dirt.  Added in a thin layer of vermiculite over it and a thin layer of foam separating the liner from the wall of cement.

Vinyl Lined Concrete Wall Pools are very strong and offer a wide amount of shapes.  Vinyl liners offer a wide selection of colors and patterns to choose from. After many years of use, vinyl liners can be replaced when they wear out or when you are ready for a new look.

So what is a Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner Pool?

The process for constructing a Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner pool is unique and requires a more sophisticated pool builder to do it right. Once the excavation of your swimming pool is completed, Gappsi assembles forms that make up the shape of your pool. The area inside these forms is lined with steel rebar and then filled with concrete. When the concrete hardens the forms are removed and what’s left is the strongest and most durable vinyl liner pool construction available today. The best part about every Gappsi Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner pool is that all the walls, steps, sun decks, and benches are made from concrete. All of the benefits of owning a Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner pool are seen throughout the entire pool structure.

Gappsi does not use the industry standard white plastic steps with any Concrete Wall Vinyl Liner pool we build, you receive the unique look of vinyl-covered steps, sun decks, and benches.

The patio surrounding the Concrete Vinyl Liner Pool consists of G044 Limestone selected from the Gappsi Stone Collection. A two-inch thick coping for the pool and a french pattern for the patio was used. To add to the outdoor of the home and to help enjoy those warm summer nights Gappsi built a sitting wall for the firepit area perfect for roasting marshmallows while catching fireflies!

Basketball Sports Game Courts

Gappsi also built a 60×40 basketball sports game courts in the backyard.  We are Long Island’s Basketball Sports Game Courts Installation Expert serving Nassau and Suffolk County NY. Our Sports Game Courts come in various base and surface materials including bluestone dust, synthetic turf, clay, snap-sports, and our own exclusive crushed marble dust. Gappsi can satisfy any application criteria or professional specifications for recreational activity a customer has.  This basketball sports game court offers an adjustable sports net in the center and this allows the court to be used for more than just basketball.  

Sports Game Courts Tiles – Polypropylene Floors

Polypropylene tiles are what Gappi uses to create the Sports Game Courts.  The home in Centereach used one stripe with white and two-tone tiles. The gray for the field and black for the border and the keys. We also striped two shuffleboards one on each side of the court.

Our Sports Game Court’s are an excellent multi-sport athletic surface, appropriate for a wide variety of backyard and recreational activities. Newly designed for excellent traction and low abrasion, Gappsi provides outstanding performance at an economical price and delivers years of durable, safe play.

We offer a wide variety of leading indoor and outdoor multi-purpose and basketball performance surfacing products. Our products earned the top ratings in all categories for ball bounce, force reduction, low abrasion, high traction, and slip resistance.  Gappsi Sports Game Courts surfaces are great for basketball, tennis, pickleball, badminton, volleyball, futsal, soccer, and roller hockey.

When you provide a safe place for your kids to play sports at home, you no longer have to worry about their safety.  Safety is important at the local park, either from strangers or the unforgiving concrete surfaces. Gappsi Sports Game Courts backyard basketball court removes all those concerns!  A sports court also provides a convenient spot for your kids to engage in regular, daily practice if they decide to play sports for their local basketball team or club.

Synthetic Grass Turf

In the surrounding area of the pool patio and the basketball court, Gappsi installed synthetic grass turf.  Synthetic grass manufacturers have been designing better artificial turf.  As modern technology has allowed plastic grass to be made more realistic. Fake grass might sound not as natural, but wait til you consider the benefits that synthetic grass turf.  It gives to the environment you might come to realize something different.  Artificial grass is better than natural grass.  Consider the maintenance of running lawn movers through your backyard and running water to keep it green.

Synthetic grass cost is based on the size of the job and also the degree of difficulty for the synthetic turf installation. The turf is used for putting greens, dog runs, or hills where the real grass would not grow. Synthetic grass turf putting greens and artificial lawns are becoming more popular because of the little maintenance they offer.  In areas such as the Southwest where the weather is very hot and water is scarce Synthetic grass lawns are very popular and more accepted. Many high-rise rooftops use fake grass turf and also small residential backyards have adopted this revolutionary product.



Our showroom display also includes the most beautiful as well as unique imported natural stones for patios, walkways, and driveways.

We provide our services in the following areas of Nassau and Suffolk County. Glen Cove, Hempstead, North Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Babylon, Huntington, Islip, and Smithtown. Brookhaven, Southampton, Riverhead, East Hampton, Southold, Old Brookville, Old Westbury. Mill Neck, Nissequogue, Lloyd Harbor, Muttontown, Coldspring Harbor, and East Norwich
Gappsi’s knowledgeable and experienced personnel can help you create the yard of your dreams!

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