Landscaped driveway gate entrances: Flower beds, Evergreens Long Island

Landscape on Grandview lane Smithtown pines.
As you enter the driveway there are Hollis to the right, under a very shady area. The idea was to create a natural landscape with some flowering to add color and to fill the area with plants that surround the mailbox. The soil was a rich-based hence no soil preparation was necessary. Next there are holly trees, pines trees and ever greens to create a border that will grow to be large and blend in with the older pine trees. There are several bed areas filled with a variety of plants that are suitable for this shady area. The wrought iron gates lead to a greater entrance. There is a focal point to the left; a beautiful arch with a bench that has been enhanced with a gorgeous hot-pink Camilla. This is a fast growing plant that was planted in early may and took over the entire arch within 5 months. These blooming flowers have created a warm and picture scenery that can capture an outstanding photo.

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