Limestone Pavers: Garden Ornaments, Flower pots long Island NY

By Giuseppe Abbrancati
Limestone pavers are made of several components, fossils of marine animals and sediments called calcium carbonate. This is created by lime discharge from sea coral and left on the sea beds. Limestone is a quarried stone which means that it can be cut into any desired size for perhaps coping or random sized pavers.
There are many different stone quarries to get limestone from, so this ensures a wide variety of shapes, texture, veining and color variations. One of the best parts about using natural stone like Limestone is the wide variety of colors that are offered from whites and beiges, to orange, reds and terra cottas, to browns, to pinks, coppers, grays and blues. The fact that Limestone is a very strong stone; its uses are wide range such as: driveways, countertops, veneer, patios and building structures. Limestone can also come in different finishes depending on where you get the Limestone and what you are using it for.
Limestone application is the same as pavers, these pavers come in many custom shapes to fit any application, like fireplaces or coping. Garden ornaments, table, benches and flower pots.

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