Grass-Turf Pavers, Designers, Installer, Company Long Island

By Giuseppe Abbrancati
Grass or Turf pavers are used to create a permeable area. They are commonly installed in a grid like pattern and then sand and gravel is added in between the grids. Topsoil is also added because the end result you are trying to achieve is to have grass grow in between the grid. This mainly helps with erosion.
Grass or Turf pavers are most commonly used for commercial applications and some case residential. If these pavers are being used for residential it usually has to deal with environment regulations. The reason they would need to use Grass or Turf pavers for residential is to allow the rain water to soak through the pavers which would soak through the ground creating less water runoff. The grid system itself is also environmentally friendly as it is recycled plastic. Maintenance on Grass or Turf pavers is as if it were your lawn, so it requires daily watering and mowing.
Installation of these pavers is as follows: grading the area, adding drainage, ground prep (digging down several inches depending on application), lay the recycled plastic grid then add the topsoil with either seed or sod. Once this is complete your application area is ready for use.

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