Bluestone Pavers: contractors, suppliers, company Long Island

By Giuseppe Abbrancati
Bluestone pavers come from a few different areas in the US, most commonly known ones are New York State Bluestone and Pennsylvania Bluestone. If you are going to be using Bluestone for a patio or walkway then you would prefer the thermal finish, this is a less slippery finish. Bluestone can also be used for veneer as well as capping stone.
Bluestone pavers come in cut sizes such as 2×2 and 18×12 etc., the Pennsylvania Bluestone also comes in random sizes. The colors for Bluestone pavers are actually a wider range than just blue; there is gray, purple, browns and even rust colors. Textures can also vary on Bluestone pavers depending on what quarry they are cut from. You can get bluestone in different thickness, depends of what application you are using it for.
When you use bluestone for pool patios, house patios, stoops and/or walkways you can install two ways, with joints or without joints. Jointed requires a cement mixture applied in between the spaces of the bluestone creating a very old world elegant style. The best part about Bluestone is it is very versatile, from pavers, to veneer, to wall material this product can help you achieve just about anything. The only downside to bluestone pavers is that the retain the heat in the summer days and they could get very uncomfortable to walk on and some times impossible many home owners have sprinkle system to water their patio to cool it off .

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