Glen Head Swimming Pools, landscape, masonry, Carpentry, natural stones

By Giuseppe Abbrancati.
Our History
Gappsi history dates back as far as anyone can remember, the Abbrancati family is a long line of masonry craftsman’s originating in Italy. Giuseppe Abbrancati was born in Italy and worked for his family’s home improvement company until he was 20 years old. Then he immigrated to the U.S. in 1987 and by the age of 21 he started his own masonry company. As a matter of fact our home improvement license is dated June 1st, 1988. Gappsi became incorporated in 1994, specializing in masonry and paving stone installations. Over the years Giuseppe has made many associates in the business, which has enabled our offered services to greatly increase. We grew by incorporating a swimming pool division a landscape division and then a carpentry division, our latest advancement is importing and installing Natural Stone from all over the world.

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