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Concrete wall Construction uses reusable aluminum forms assembled much like the steel walls. Skimmers, returns, lights and steps are all built within the forms. 4 Rows of rebar are placed in the forms to add tensile strength to the structure. 4000 PSI Concrete is then poured into the forms encasing everything in Cement. The forms are then stripped and removed from the site leaving a one piece concrete structure poured into any size or shape. The next step is the same for both concrete and steel wall construction. All underground plumbing for the skimmers and returns are run to the filter. The filter is set up. Gappsi pools uses Hayward, Jandy, AquaCal, Pentair and Polaris equipment. All plumbing is done in flexible PVC and rigid PVC. Some of the equipment that will be installed will include, Electric Heat pumps, Natural Gas and propane Heaters, Chlorine generators also known as salt systems, LED lights, Diatomaceous earth, sand & cartridge filters, Mineral purifiers such as the Frog system and Nature 2. Some pools will be built using automatic covers such as coverstar and cover pools. The liner is then installed on a sand base, vermiculite or hard bottom. Wall foam is installed under the liner to cushion and insulate. Some of the liner manufacturers we use include, Loop Loc, Merlin, Dover vinyl, Vyn-all, Triac, Lathem, Pegasus and Garrett.You have come to the right place .Gappsi can design, supply and install your entire project. To learn more about Gappsi products and services for Nassau and Suffolk county long island NY .Please e mail us at or call Gappsi at 631-543-1177 or visit Gappsi Show Room at 1015 west Jericho turn pike Smithtown NY 11787 or visit us on line at :

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