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By Giuseppe Abbrancati
What is the fence code for around a new in ground pool?
You basically have two options, one, you need to have your whole property fenced in with a 6’ high fence. Two, you need to enclose the pool with a 4’ fence. Both of these fences must have minimum spacing between bars so children can’t climb up an over or solid fencing like PVC and Stockade. Usually when you fence around the pool an aluminum fence is used, this allows you to see through the fence.
Gappsi now offers a different solution for pool safety. We install custom automatic pool covers. These are retractable with a push of a button. These covers can hold a lot of weight, which prevents children or dogs or even adults from falling through. There is a trough built into the concrete walls of the pool which houses the roll up vinyl cover. These have become very popular for pool safety and they also help retain the pools heat to cut down on heating costs.

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