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New swimming pool, masonry and landscaping designing and installation Brookhaven long island New York. Steve and I want to thank you for all your help today especially without an appointment. Since we just met today, I want to tell you about this project. I’m really excited to be working with Gappsi, putting in the pool with stone work is something I’ve waited for along time and I need it to be perfect in the end! Not too gaudy or over-whelming but with a personality. Steve is looking forward to this too but I love all the planning and stuff. The shape of our yard does not help us so I want to be aware of “over-doing” this. And to make one thing perfectly clear…I can’t make a quick decision, It’s impossible sometimes.. (Ask Kevin and Giuseppe…they’re tired of seeing me!) Kevin’s glad I’ve moved on to the patio! He’s working on the permit and variance which made me make some permanent decisions!
OK, after I left today, I had so many ideas going through my head, all good! We went home and started going over your thoughts, ideas, and budget. So, basically I’d like to tell you our thoughts before you do our file.
Yes, I think we should take away the fire pit, although I love how it looks.
Let’s put some space behind the diving board for Steve. I think you said there was 2′ already, therefore how about adding 1′?
Now, the patio area on the far side of the deep-end, could you add patio that would allow for the chairs to be there, but out of the way of the walkway?
Go with your idea about moving the lounge chairs back to the way you mentioned (over by the shallow end). How far did you say you would move them back? We forgot!
OK, now, let’s go to the area by the back door by the deep-end. I have to put the fence there because I have little dogs. I need to make sure they cannot get in the pool area when they are alone. I’m a maniac about this. Believe it or not, when I was young with our pool, we lost 2 dogs. I can’t say enough about this, so any idea you might have to secure that fence line or area, etc…please let me know. I think in the future when I can afford it (like next year, I would consider a stone wall so that they cannot get through or over it)……But anyway, I would like to make the patio area by the double door a little bit larger. I think if it was a little bit bigger it would give a nicer presence. Maybe 1′-2′ past the door on each side. Try to keep it symmetric…I do like the design of it. It matches with the pool. I want there to be enough room for a couple of people to be in that area comfortably on the patio…not squished or falling into the grass.
The only other concern is that I wanted to find out exactly how wide all of the walkways are measured out to be.
OH, OK, so we went through your website looking at the stone selections. Just a thought, what do you think about using the gray multi colored travertine and the Dove Gray Granite together? The grayish travertine that is covered with the snow on the far side of the fountain outside your office doors. Maybe putting the travertine around the pool with the boarder of dove granite? Then over by the living space…reverse it. I’m looking to you to come up with ideas of how to lay it out.
The last thing, I almost forgot, I don’t think we can go with the 2″ coping. I think I would rather put the extra cost into the patio. Therefore, using the same travertine might be something I’d like to consider. I’d also like to consider the granite as the coping, if possible and then use the travertine for the outside boarder or maybe the granite too! I don’t know…what do you think?
Sorry, I wanted to mention, what we can do in the area of the fire pit. I love the sitting wall! Can we make is larger? You have a large sitting wall on your website that I love. Because we are making the lounge chair area larger, what can we do, in a simple way, with the grass area? Can you use some of that space to extend the sitting wall, table area, and the round curve that is symmetrically positioned by the grass?
To be simple and less costly, you can keep some area of grass…whatever you have left after you make your changes. That would be fine, if you have any ideas we could do it next year.
One other thing, Giuseppe mentioned to me that you could put lights on the sitting wall? What do you think?
With all these changes, can you change our computer picture and send me a copy? Can you put the gray colored stone too? NO RUSH!
AND just a reminder…to help the cost and hopefully you; make the measurements of everything with the least of cuts. We hope that could help.
Thanks again,
Karen Ziegler

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