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Dear costumer I left you a voicemail concerning the condition of the pool water. We need to be clear about what your plan for this pool. If you simply want it to pass inspection then we can go one way. If you want this pool to be clean and useable then it’s a whole different story. Please be clear on what the inspector needs to see in order for the pool to pass because this route will be cheaper and easier for everyone. To give you a quick rundown; the pool is completely black and full of leaves. In my opinion the water will never clear up with all this debris inside. The cost of leaf removal is about $500 including some shock. The pool pump is currently M.I.A. The filter you have is undersized and would NEVER keep the pool clean and certainly will not filter what is there now. We can set up a temp. Filter to get the pool water to be cleaned enough for your filter to be able to maintain it clean with the help of chlorine and chemicals. Please let me know what you want to do and how far you are willing to take this. E-mail me back or call me SCOTT at 631 793 9567

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