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I wanted to touch base with you regarding the pool coping. I know that we saw the 3 tiles that are indeed cracked and need to be replaced but there are several more that have fractures in them and appear to have moisture seeping through as those marks are always darker than the rest of the coping and can visibly be seen from the patio and inside my house. The marks are in the same position on all the tiles throughout the pool which leads me to believe that their was a stone defect. With this being the case and pool season starting and us not using the pool or patio yet I would prefer that all the stone that shows cracks and fractures be replaced now so I don’t have to worry about this issue going forward. I am attaching a picture showing the moisture marks consistently throughout the border of the pool. I would like to make sure that this will be corrected before the crew leaves our home from the driveways.
Courtney the are wet because the weather as not been hot enough to dry but there is nothing wrong with he coping if they crack like the other ones in the future I will take care of that with no problems ‘
Not too dispute you too much but the other copings are dry and show now signs of moisture. It is only on the ones that show the fractures that show the moisture but we will wait on those to see if they become an issue if you think it is best. I just don’t want to have a brand new pool patio with imperfections on our first summer and being questioned by people why it is the way it is as it has already been asked by one family member.
I am not sure why that as happened and when I don’t understand what the problem is I like to take some time to figure out why.
and that is why I don’t want to rush , because on the patio everything is good and if you want my opinion the coping stones is e better travertine then the patio is but I would like to wait and see what it does .
Courtney the wet spots is just because the weather is not been hot enough yet
But ones they dry you will not see them
But don’t worries I will come and change them personally if they will look like a problem’

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