Remodel or new swimming pool which is better? Long island

Can you give me an approximate cost to the surround, either the Nicolock or custom stone? I need a ballpark to figure out how much I really need to budget.
hello Eric
The cost for the patio using Nicolock will be $10 per sq ft including removal of existing patio. Approx 800 sq ft
And $18 per linear ft for the coping. apprx 120
i will have a better sq ft calculation one the design is done
Please let me know that these prices are good for you and i will make a design
The price for the new pool also included removal of the old one.
i will make a design for you and call you when i have done and then you guys come over and i will have a better accurate price for the all job
Regards Giuseppe
Both remodel and new pool are in our budget. Is it possible to design both remodel and new? We’re not sure which way to go. If we really knew what we had under our liner it would make our decision easier.

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