natural stone suppliers use the best process unit for Gappsi long island customers

below you can see how our suppliers care about the processing of the raw material and all the machinery that they use to create the best finished tiles and slabs
this what they have to say :
We have been the Industry trend setter and master in using the latest stone technology for the best processing. Our Group was one of the first companies to use a Pedrini Polish lines & Automated Resin Lines.
Manufacturing plants are strategically located on the National Highway Grid & well connected to their quarries and the ports providing an uninterrupted supply of raw materials. We have equipped with the best processing machinery from internationally reputed Italian manufacturers such as BM, Pedrini etc
Our processing unit has two Automated Resining Lines from Societa’ Elettrotecnica, Italy provide surface treatment to the sawn slabs before the final polishing. Automated Resin line has allowed giving superior processing to imported marbles & granites
Polishing and Packaging :
Two PEDRINI, Italy make, 16-head new generation Slab Polishing Lines give a “World Class Fine Mirror Polish to over 660,000 sq mts of marble and granite annually. These machines can polish upto 2100mm wide slabs to meet customer requirements for large uniformly polished marbles for luxurious lobbies, platforms, lounges demand stringent performance.
One PEDRINI Italy make new generation Fully Automatic Tile Line that can cut, calibrate, polish & bevel the tiles upto 610mm wide.
Two Bridge Cutting Machines equipped with PLC system, Ten Multi-Disc Cutters convert the slabs into
customer desired sizes with close tolerances to yield perfect error-free laying.
Every slab/ tile is inspected by the expert eyes of our Expert Quality Control Officers aided by gloss meters to ensure consistent textures and assured polish levels. Defect-free edge cutting, perfect angles, and closely monitored thickness using verniers provide hassle-free end-use
Tiles Packing – 10 mm & 12 mm thick modular tiles are first packed in Styrofoam Boxes and are further packed into Wooden Crates. Wooden Crate is fixed and tightened by Iron Strips.
The polished slabs and tiles are carefully packaged for the long journey to the Customers’ sites. Especially designed thermocol boxes are used to pack the tiles of 10mm and 12mm thicknesses. The 20mm tiles are packed in strong wooden boxes, covered by a protective transparent polythene sheet. The random and cut to size slabs are packed in sea worthy heavy-duty wooden frames. The extreme care exercised in packing goes a ong way to prevent any chance breakage and loss during the transit.
All international cargoes are fumigated, lashed and choked as per established international safety and security measures.
World Class Quality with rich natural etiquettes in Marble, Granite & Natural Stones
• Fully Integrated Operations from Quarrying to the Shipping Docks
• Vast, Rich Captive Quarrying Tracts (84000 square meters)
• Reliable Supply
• Modern Quarrying and Processing Technology
• Large Blocks & Slabs Production Capacities
• Experienced & Trained Human Resources
• 24 hours dedicated support system
• Unbeatable combination of natural and technological resources
• A Leading Indian Partner in Marble, Granite and Natural Stone Sourcing

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