Need masonry estimate | contractor Suffolk-Nassau | long island

Removal of existing paver walkway and driveway.
Install new asphalt driveway with a one paver border (6″x9″) around the perimeter. Excacate and install
6″ RCA base, compacted with heavy roller. A curved apron is to be installed at the bottom of the
driveway above the concrete sidewalk. New concrete sidewalk is to be poured as well as concrete
driveway entrance from the street. A new paver walkway is to replace the existing. Paver material for
the project is to be nicolock 6″ x 9″. Color to be determined. The front stoop has a crack on the right
side, which is to be repaired as well.
The masonry installation of your project will be guaranteed for (7) years against settling of paving 0.00 0.00
stones, shifting of borders and movement of steps and walls. Any alterations to your landscape,
damages caused by other acts of nature causing the deterioration of Gappsi installations is not covered
as part of our guarantee.

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