Swimming pool designers long island

Pools and spas are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The multitude of choices often leads homeowners to engage the professional services of a swimming pool designer. It is the designer’s task to develop and design a landscape plan for the family which will integrate a pool into their overall landscape.
The designer will evaluate the existing features of the yard such as the position of the sun, location of tall trees on or just off the property and views on or off the property. All these elements need to be considered in determining the optimum placement of the pool. By asking the family how they intend to use the pool (exercise, relaxing and/or entertaining), and, if they would like a patio, outdoor kitchen or firepit to complement the pool, the pool designer has ascertained their needs and desires for the pool area.
The answers to these questions have a direct influence on the overall design of the pool and patio area and the swimming pool designer now has all the necessary information gathered to develop a landscape plan for the homeowner.

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