Free estimate for masonry travertine patio long island

Install Veneer on basement walls, basement step risers, new steps to existing back door, and new steps
to extension french doors. Approx. 350 sq.ft
Re-install approx. 500sq.ft. of red brick around new extension and basement stairs. Includes base
repair to areas that were removed or disturbed during current renovations. Brick Material to be
supplied by homeowner (material is already on site). Any additional material required, if necessary,
will be paid for by homeowner.
Disassemble right side of steps near the secondary back door and extend steps to accomodate new
renovation. Brick material will try to be re-used, but if too much is damaged during demolition, new
material will be paid for by the homeowner.
Install Natural stone (Travertine or Limestone) pavers on top landing of large main steps off the back of
the house. Approx. 70 sq.ft. Price may vary slightly depending on color and pattern size.
Install 2″ thick Natural stone (travertine or Limestone) steps treads and wall caps on existing concrete
steps, existing basement wall caps, and proposed steps. Approx. 155 linear ft. Treads and caps to have
beautiful “eased” edge. *Material comes in a random pattern so that joints do not line up on steps*
Included in the price is the base construction (concrete block) and treads of the new step construction
off of the french doors from the extension. (veneering for these steps was included above in the veneer

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