solution for steep icy driveway | winter problems long island

The winter time can be a brutal season for owners of steep driveways or almost any driveways in that matter especially dealing with ice. Ice can b very dangerous on driveways causing you to slip traveling up and down your driveway or even get into a car accident in your very own drive. There are a few ways for one to prevent these problems from happening. One very common way that is also relatively cheap is by putting a bunch of rock salt down on your driveway this will eat away at any ice that is there and also prevent it from reappearing. Sand is also another option although this won’t exactly get rid of the ice it will give it a grip so that you do not slip or slide while walking or driving. Another way that is a little more expensive but a great commodity especially if you live in an area where ice is a larger problem is getting a heated driveway. If you have one of these driveways all you have to do is flip a switch set the temperature and watch the ice melt away.

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