Use of travertine is for indoor or outdoor? Long island

When people think of travertine they usually think of it being done in an outdoor environment however travertine stones are used quite frequently indoors now in homes, buildings or any indoor space that needs nice sturdy flooring. Travertine is nice because it comes in a lot of all natural colors that are very subtle and can make any home look personal and cozy, make any business look professional or and building look elegant. One of the best things about having travertine stones indoors is its strength and durability. Whether your in your home or business its is great to know that if something drops or if your moving something you do not have to worry about the stone cracking or breaking. Also this material is very easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about any household messes. Gappsi is a great company to have install this product our team of professionals will do a great job and our customers will always be happy.

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