Why Seal Your Pavers? Is it necessary to seal paving stones on long island

Sealing your concrete pavers will help protect, keep clean and maintain its original look for much longer. Sealing gives your pavers a protective barrier from stains due to oil grease, any natural occurrences and grime. It helps cleaning, and removing stains much easier than without being sealed. Sealing your pavers is the best way to maintain that new look of your driveway patio and walkway. It creates a clear gloss finish, making the color bolder and distinct, while repelling grease and oil stains.
Sealer Types:
Film Formers
This type of sealer helps to protect your pavers by blocking the effects of water and other contaminants. Film Formers generate a barrier on the surface of the pavers, often a gloss finish. The sheen finish also helps prolong that new look color. Film Formers protect the concrete at the surface, inhibiting water or chemicals from penetrating the concrete. This sealant type adds shine and increases the appeal of the concrete.
This type of sealer actually penetrates into the pavers’ material, from 1 to 4 mls. deep. These sealers are mostly used for absorbent materials such as concrete. Penetrants help to repel water and resist stain damage. Penetrant sealers also promote longevity and durability of the life and look of your pavers.Due to the penetration of the sealer, penetrate type sealers do not typically add shine to the surface
Sealing agents can be applied to most types of surface pavement materials. These include concrete, slate, clay, granite, natural stone, stamped concrete and block pavers.
You can apply sealer agents to your driveway, patio, and all areas that are paved, Wherever sealers are used, the result is always a cleaner brighter long lasting concrete paver.
Benefits of Sealing Pavers
Helps repel water damage
Helps repel stains caused by oil, grease and grime etc
Makes cleaning a breeze
Enhances color brightness and life-span
Prevents loss of sand in joints
Prevents the effects of snow and ice
Can withstand harsh weather conditions
Reduces paver loosening and cracks
Helps prevent efflorescence

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