Blue stone paver’s reviews & complaints Long Island

Blue stone pavers are popular on long island, but I really think that the only reason are popular is because they are mined in Pennsylvania and up state New York. And for many years it has been the resource for paving materials.
And has been used to build many patios and front walkways. So many people feel that it is the high end paving material because it is expensive,
But the truth is that it is expensive to produce and mine, otherwise the bluestone pavers are very uncomfortable to walk on in the summer times because they are very hot in the summer and they hold the heat they are not ideal for swimming pool patios but also for any other out door sitting areas because the absorb the heat and they get hot even if they are not exposed to the sun. Gappsi deck and patio company division has installed few bluestone pavements, Gappsi natural stone line includes many other quality natural stone pavers and wall veneers, to learn more about Gappsi products and services please visits our website at

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