LED Lumina USA is located on Long Island

Gappsi is an installer dealer of LED Lumina USA is located on Long Island, New York. We are a manufacturer of LED Lighting providing lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, office and home use.
Street / Roadway * Parking Lots * 4’ LED T-8 Tubes * G24 4pin
Interior for home / office * Warehouse Lighting * 2’ LED T-8 Tubes
Our LL-150 replaces any E39/40 (Mogul) based lamp up to 100 watts.
LL-150 specsà http://www.ledluminausa.com/?q=node/72
Our model LL-250 and LL-400 can be used for up or down lighting. The adjustable neck of the lamp fixture can be adjusted up or down 65 degrees to project the light where needed. It can also be used as a wall pack.
LL-250 specsà http://www.ledluminausa.com/ledlumina-product?q=exterior-LL250
LL-400 specsà http://www.ledluminausa.com/ledlumina-product?q=exterior-LL400
To learn more about our company and its products, we invite you to visit our website www.ledluminausa.com
Some of our clients: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, BP, Celestica, Silverstein Properties, Sloan Kettering, St. Luke’s Hospital and William Patterson University.
Using LED Lighting will save you up to 75% on your electric bill!
Using LED Lighting will enhance your object’s color!

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