Can granite pavers be used outside on long island?

There are many different types of pavers used now days such as marble, travertine, limestone and granite. All these stones are very useful and can almost be used for any type of situation. One of these types, granite is often thought of as used only for countertops or in kitchen type settings. This however is false, a common question people wonder is can you used granite outside the answer to that is yes! Granite is more and more commonly being used for outside patios and walkways and around pool areas. Granite is great around pool areas because it does not get slippery when wet they have actually been called slip-resistant. Granite pavers are also great because they are very hard to crack or chip and are also great for resisting weather wear. Gappsi has a great selection of beautiful granite that can be used for indoor or outdoor projects. Our masonry teams are top notch and will be able to install your granite however you would like and make your yard and home truly special.

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