Swimming pools landscape professional designers long island

The in-ground swimming pool has become an integral component of the stay-cation backyard. For most homeowners, the pool represents a place to get away from it all and a source of relaxation- a paradise in one’s own backyard. However, no paradise is complete without plantings for they provide lushness, color and fragrance and help to an atmosphere. Plantings soften the harsh lines created by paving materials, create privacy and shade where needed and give depth and dimension to the entire yard. A view from a window inside the house can look onto a very spectacular landscape vignette rather than a pool wearing its winter cover.
The palette of plants for your yard depends on your sense of style- formal or casual, traditional or contemporary. There are a multitude of plants on today’s market which require very little maintenance in order to look their best. For plants closest to the pool, select those which will not drop leaves or flower petals into the water such as annuals and perennials. For profuse color at the middle level of planting include some ever-blooming roses such as Knock-Out, Spireas and early and late blooming Hydrangeas. The unique foliage of ornamental grasses, hydrangeas and ferns provide strong textural contrast between different plant groupings. To establish privacy, include some tall evergreens and tall deciduous flowering plants. One such deciduous plant is the Crape Myrtle, whose long season of bloom, vibrant fall color and exfoliating exquisite bark make it a triple blessing in the yard.

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