Superior quality natural stones Marble manufacturer suppliers Long Island

Gappsi is representing sofikitis ltd company, a superior quality Marble stones’ manufacturer, Specializing in design, manufacturing and finish of a large collection of tiles, copings and Drain grates for swimming pools & spa decking areas, located in Greece. Having almost a 40 years’ experience in the natural stones business industry, Sofikitis ltd is an innovative and reliable manufacturing company, cooperating with well-known quarries, bringing into the world market high quality tiles, copings and decking materials, featuring rich color textures, beautifully designed in various patterns, shapes and sizes at very good prices. We process Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine, Granite, and Quartzite natural or reconstructed Marble in several thicknesses. Our wide premium product range includes: standard made premium marble for swimming pools and spas ie pool copings, tiles and pool lining, pool marble drains, out lanes, angular caps etc and also customized products based on customers and cooperative companies specific needs and requirements. Our product range is suitable for: pools,spas, surrounding area, interior and exterior applications, backyards, Gyms etc. Lately, we have developed a new exclusive range of marble train grates and a series of outlanes, perfectly suitable for overflow pools, which we think could match exactly your business activities. For more product information, please enter our web site and Sofikitis ltd customers are: Architects & Designers, Premium distributors, importers and wholesalers, swimming pool builders, pool suppliers around the world, with whom we work closely in designing product specifications according to specific customer’s needs. Our reputation, longevity and success is centered around our ability to produce a superior marble product finish and result, keeping our customers extremely satisfied. Our production process is fully computerized and our skillful mechanics can design and produce any shape and style of marble pool material, according to customers preference, supported by the most updated CNC instruments. We hold an EN ISO 9001:2000 product certification, two (2) innovative patents for special pool marbles production processes plus many awards for our innovative and high quality products. We think that your prestigious company and your wide distribution network fits exactly with our selective cooperatives criteria. We have the designing & manufacturing capability and knowhow to produce for you, deluxe pool marble decorations for villas, homes, condominiums, Hotels, Malls, gyms, commercial facilities and public projects at very good prices. If you think our business credentials could match your business opportunities and endeavors, we would be very pleased to discuss with you business cooperation between our firms. We work all these years with reputable business partners with very good results and we offer good quality marbles based on our partners needs at low prices. We will be happy to work with you too.

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