If you have an auto cover, you should not need a loop loc cover?

An auto cover is made to stay outside, and whether it is in the cover box or on the water it does not make a difference. My personal suggestion is that you do not need it, don’t matter what happens the auto cover is durable and if something were to happen to the auto cover even if it gets damaged it make no difference you would need to repair it , but you would need to repair a lop loc over because they will both need to be fixed and they would cost the same. So what is the difference if you would have the same problem? I am a auto cover owner for 5 years and this is the cover I use for summer and winter , and my friends have a cover for 18 years and they never had any other covers they used the auto cover for as long as they had it for winter and summer and they never had any problems with it. the reason you have an auto cover is because you have the benefits of safety and savings you have no need for any other cover . for any swimming pool cover question call the swimming pool experts of long island and you will be happy you did.

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