Who does stamped concrete walkways, driveways and patios Long Island?

That is a good question!!! Not many contractors do stamped concrete.
For many reasons.
1= it is not easy to do
2= it is very expensive to do a great job.
3= can’t not be competitive with other products, like paving stones.
4= it could crack.
5= and most of people are not happy with the end result, because what you see on magazines done with professional photographs, is not what your would look like.
There are many alternatives to stamped concrete on long island with better results and if you spend time researching it you will realize that yourself. that is a reason why you don’t see many stamped concrete jobs and because there are not many contractors doing it , and the ones that do stamped concrete is because they want to be different not because they really believe that stamped concrete is better.

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